Thursday, May 16, 2013

Party Planner: 13 Going on 30

To celebrate my recent initiation as a member of the 30 Club, I invited my friends to join me at a "13 Going on 30" themed soiree.

Love this movie, but it wasn't this kind of "13 Going on 30"

Instead of a Thriller-tastic 80s throwback with Mark Ruffalo, my 13 Going on 30 bash centered around the year of being thirteen years old (in my case, 1996). Once the theme was set, the next thing to follow was an official party logo...

This retro cassette tape image perfectly captured the feeling of being 13 in 1996 (who didn't love a good mix tape?) and was used on the invitation and other party crafts, including the personalized napkins:

We used a Gocco to burn the image on a stamp
Cocktail napkins purchased at The Dollar Tree

The logo was also used on the circle tags that tied the goody bags:

The bags contained a few cassette-themed treats as well...

Individual chocolate cassette tapes in the official party colors

Hershey kiss labels with four different party-appropriate stickers

After arriving at the venue, M and I quickly set up our reserved table with all of our party treats. 

Our famous cake pops were on display on a plain styrofoam blocked purchased at Michael's, which was easily glitzed up with some hot pink paint, glitter, and ribbons. Sometimes I'm not sure why we bother supplying any additional snacks since everyone always goes straight to the cake pops!

Happy cake pop face
Intense cake pop face

Crazy cake pop face
 One craft that sadly did not make it to the table was this tissue paper garland - it was super cheerful and totally fit in with the theme of the party, but the table was too low to hang it like I had originally imagined. Luckily, I was able to repurpose it as an apartment decoration to extend the birthday festivities!

Tutorial found here

 The biggest hit of the party that really tied the theme together was the guestbook. 

Each page contained a photo of me at 13 and a corresponding photo of me at (almost 30).  

"Cheers" at 13
"Cheers" at 30

It also contained a brief form for each guest to fill out with questions about what they were like when they were 13, such as their favorite song on the radio, big crushes, and what they imagined they would be like by the time they reached 30.

M filling out her page (complete with actual pictures of us together at 13 and at almost 30!)

At first I was concerned that people would not be into signing the book and that the idea of a guestbook at a birthday party was over the top (not like that's ever stopped me before), but everyone loved it and was clamoring to sign it! There are some hilarious comments in there (who knew that so many 13-year-olds in 2003 were obsessed with listening to "Stacey's Mom"?) and it's a fabulous keepsake of a really fun evening with great friends. I used Shutterfly and highly recommend them - the book arrived in perfect condition, their customer service department accommodated me by expediting my order when the shipping date estimate changed, and best of all, they have tons of fun graphics to jazz up your pages! I limited myself to yellow and pink designs to stick to the party theme and there were still so many designs to choose from!

All in all, 13 Going on 30 was a fantastic way to ring in a new decade. The theme and logo served as a great unifier for all of the party elements, and the guestbook (which reminded me of the slambooks I read about in Sweet Valley High!) perfectly captured the retro feel of the party. 

Oh, and the venue randomly handed me this - sparklers are soooooo 13 going on 30!


  1. Looks like a 30th birthday for the books! Happy belated birthday!!!

    1. It was a fantastic night, thanks to fun friends and all of the crafting!

  2. Who's your cute friend with the cake pop face?

    1. All three are the cutest - cake pops just have that effect on people :)


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