Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creative Display: Pretty Polishes

We Gals here at TSN are a bit polish obsessed and have some pretty impressive collections, if I do say so myself.  Every time I purchase a new nail polish, my favorite thing to do is to take out all of my little bottles, and line them all up in color order. 

I also like to do photo shoots with them!
Sometimes by color

And other times by theme -
This was for the Notre Dame NSC Championship Game (is there any other way to do football?!)

After I’d admire their collective beauty for a couple of minutes, I’d sadly pack them all back into the sad little shoe boxes I was storing them in, and put them away. 

Shoebox Storage = Snoozefest!

 This got me thinking that there has to be a better way to store them.  In my mind, each bottle is a little work of art, and when stacked together, it made for quite a showpiece!  I started thinking of ways that I could put my beauties On Display, On Display (surely, at least Melissa Gorga knows what I’m talking about!) 

She's singing about nail polish, right?

At first I thought it might be cute to stack them on a tiered dessert tray, like little delectable treats.  So I hightailed it over to my local Home Goods to see what they had to offer me.  I found a couple of suitable cake stands, and played around with a couple sizes that might have worked once stacked.  I was happy enough with it, but something inside was telling me that it wasn’t good enough!  
My original design - cute, but not quite right

So I kept browsing when all of the sudden I found the perfect piece!  Hidden in the back of the furniture section was a wooden medicine cabinet of sorts, stained in just the perfect browned gray color to match my bedroom furniture.  After a quick thumbs up from my other half (we do share the bedroom, after all), I quickly ran to the register, forked over $60, and it was mine! 
Later on that night, after a quick nail in the wall, my makeshift display case was hung, and I went about creating my newest piece of bedroom art.  It took some time to finally get all of my beauties in a suitable order, making sure that my favorites were prominently displayed front and center.  I may end up adding a shelf or two, since the bottles in the back really can’t be seen, but for now I couldn’t be more pleased on how it turned out.  Clearly I’m a huge Rescue Beauty Lounge fan (future post to come on that!), and seeing all of the bottles lined up like a rainbow makes me so happy!  It really stands out as a piece of art, and even my husband is a fan (though that may just be his enthusiasm that my polishes are now contained neatly into one spot!) 

The finished product!

Up close glamour shot

This is a perfect example of how it pays to think a little outside the box, and re-purpose an item in a creative way. I’m sure many of you may even have items laying around your house that could be re-imagined into something new. Perhaps all the item needs is a fresh coat of paint or just to be viewed with a fresh set of eyes. I’d love to hear of other creative ideas you guys may have – what other items can be used as something other than their original purpose?

Couple more close-up's - I couldn't resist!


  1. Love it!!! Now I need a manicure LOL! :) Looks great ladies!

  2. I love that idea! It looks great and I LOVE that cabinet! You two are so crafty it kills me <3

  3. What a great idea! You are so crafty, I need to work on that!

    1. Thanks! Though I can't take too much crafting credit in this case since Home Goods did most of the work :) But overall I was pretty happy with the end result!


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