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Product Love: Simple Sugars Body Scrub

I’m a self-proclaimed product junkie, and pretty much up for trying anything once, especially if it’s received good reviews.  Today I wanted to share a newly discovered product that I absolutely adore – Simple Sugars Strawberry Body Scrub.  I happened upon this product when I was watching one of my guilty pleasure tv shows, Shark Tank.  

For those not familiar with the show, the premise is that up and coming business owners present their business idea/product to a panel of “Sharks”, who are basically self-made entrepreneurs, and try to appeal to them for financial backing, in return for some sort of stake in their company.  

The Sharks

In this case, the company was Simple Sugars, created by a now 18-year old girl who was a long time sufferer of eczema.  After exhausting all of her available options for skin care, she finally decided to do some extensive research and create her own product.  The result was an all natural skin scrub, in which the key ingredient was sugar.  

Part of her plea to the Sharks during her presentation was that her product is comparable to Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish.  Well that was all I needed to hear to have my interest peaked.  I’m a huge fan of pretty much all of the Fresh line, but am especially devoted to their Brown Sugar Body Polish.  The problem is that Fresh’s scrub is so pricey ($38 for 7oz.) that I find myself rationing off my small tub and only using it on special occasions because I don’t want to run through it too quickly.  Well here was a product that was being sold as a competitor to Fresh, at a fraction of the price - Sign me up!  Also, given that I’m pregnant, I need to be more careful as to which products I use, so the fact that this gave the promise of chemical free, all natural and organic was really appealing.  So I went onto the Simple Sugar website and quickly purchased the Strawberry scent.  

At first I was a bit overwhelmed, as the line is more extensive than what was shown on tv, and the scrub is offered in a variety of scents.  In the end, I stuck with Strawberry since it seemed to be the signature scent of the line and the Sharks had raved about how good it smelled.  

Shipping took a little long for my liking (as an avid Amazon Prime member, I’m used to getting my online purchases within 2 days!), but I’m chalking this up to an influx of orders I’m assuming they encountered due to the recent tv press. 
Ok, well enough background - onto the actual product!  Sugar scrub really is the best way to describe it, as it’s literally a tub of sugar in an oil-based liquid.  The grain of the sugar is very fine, so it’s quick to absorb into your skin and not too abrasive.  As I mentioned, I purchased the strawberry scent, and the scent itself is delicious!  It smells like what I’d imagine strawberry crème brûlée would smell like.  
pretty in pink

sugary, oily goodness

I typically take small scoopfuls and use all over my body, with the exception of my face.  Turns out this not only smell amazing, but exfoliates and softens the skin pretty well too!  I find that the oil-sugar base is a great combination, and while I definitely have some residual oil left on my skin, it doesn’t feel oily. It has a great moisturizing effect and personally, I also like to use before I use any at home tanning products to ensure I have no rough patches or dry skin.  

Overall, I’m a huge fan of this product and would definitely recommend it.  As to the claim that it’s comparable to the Fresh body scrub, I’d say it’s definitely comparable, though not necessarily a dupe of it.  Fresh has a thicker sugar to it, and more intense oil base.  Additionally, the two scents do not smell alike – not that I’m complaining, since I really like both, but just know they are different.  I know Fresh’s brown sugar scent has a bit of a cult following, so don’t expect this product to deliver the same scent.  But at it’s current price point, if you are looking for a daily exfoliating body scrub, this may be just what your looking for.  As of now, I believe you can only order directly from their website, Simple Sugars, and the 8 oz container retails for 16.95.

Verdict: I give this product 4.5 out of 5 sequin notebooks, so snatch it up before the craze catches on and they jack up the price!

**Note this is not a sponsored post, just one Gals honest opinion**


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