Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Best iPhone Apps: Restaurant Deals

As a working gal in the big city without a reliable oven, dining out is a way of life. All of those meals have a way of quickly adding up, but you will never have to pay full price again once you load up your iPhone with these fantastic apps:

1) Savored

Savored allows you to save up to 30% off your total bill just by making a reservation through their website. Simply enter your party's information and narrow down which neighborhood and/or cuisine you prefer, and many great options will pop up for you to select from (it will also display what percentage will be taken off your total bill). This is a great option for dining out with a large group, especially if you're planning to have any cocktails because alcohol is also included in the discount. Best of all, you can book the reservation up to an hour in advance, so this is perfect for any impromptu gatherings.

2) Scoutmob

Scoutmob is a great app to use when you're out and about on the town. It searches for deals close to you, which you can then "save" on your app for free - when you get to the restaurant, you simply display your saved deal on the Scoutmob app for the discount to be applied (usually 50% off your total bill, up to $20 or $25). A friend and I recently used Scoutmob when we met for lunch in Times Square - the app recommended a popular pub in the area, which has $10 lunch specials. By using our Scoutmob app to get an additional 50% off, our total bill for a cheeseburger and large chicken salad came out to only $10 - not bad for NYC!

3) allows you to purchase discount gift certificates to use at a variety of restaurants. They occasionally have sales when the certificates are discounted so I usually try to stock up at that time (no expiration dates!), but you can also use it to search for restaurants close to you that are offering discounts. I like to use when I'm traveling because they have a very generous return policy, so I'll purchase certificates to use on vacation in advance and then trade them in for NYC restaurants after my trip if I did not get a chance to use them.

4) Black Board Eats

Black Board Eats offers special deals that are only available on its app for local restaurants. As opposed to other discount sites that offer only a percentage or dollar amount off, BBE has a wide variety of incentives - a free bottle of wine, 30% off your entire bill, 2 free appetizers, free cupcakes...these are all examples of actual offers I've claimed through BBE. 

5) Open Table

Sometimes there is a particular restaurant I want to try that is not currently offering any discounts. When that happens, I turn to OpenTable: Restaurant Reservations to make my reservations. Not only does Open Table act as an online reservation service for many restaurants, but it also rewards you with dining points just for making a reservation through the app. Once you hit a certain total of dining points, you can redeem them for a gift certificate valid at any restaurant currently served by Open Table.

So what are your must-have restaurant apps? Any additional tips for our savvy (and hungry!) readers?


  1. Just downloaded the Savored app...thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Anytime! Savored tends to have a lot of the newer/trendier restaurants available, so it's definitely worth checking out before a big night out with a large group.


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