Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Honorary Gal: Andy Cohen

Today we launch a new series to bestow the prestigious title of Honorary Gal upon a very special person, place, or thing who embodies the spirit of The Sequin Notebook! Since this idea was inspired in part by his Mazel of the Day, our first Honorary Gal could only be Andy Cohen.

Official headshot for this special occasion...very profesh!

We bow down to Andy Cohen for providing us with our favorite Bravo-lebrities, housewives that we love to hate, and fabulous weekend tv marathons (cake pop dipping, napkin stamping, and other craft projects always seems to fly by when you have endless hours of Rachel Zoe and Gorga/Giudice feuding to keep you company!). We are completely obsessed with Andy's late night talk show, Watch What Happens Live (and I just so happen to be watching an episode as I'm writing this!) - it asks the gossipy questions that everyone REALLY wants to know, such as who was the biggest diva on set or what secret showmances were taking place behind the scenes.

Working in pajamas = living the dream.
Also, we are not too shy to announce that it is our dream to be featured as the guest bartenders on his show one day - Andy, call us! We're ready to fill the official Shot-Ski with some of our signature creations!

Shaken with love by B and M

Another reason that Andy is our first Honorary Gal is the absolute glee that comes across every time he is on camera. Even though he is an executive producer who has firsthand access to celebrities, he always comes across a little bit starstruck and like the superfan he's always been. Never was this more apparent than when his idol, Susan Lucci, came on his show and he giddily recounted the story of when he interviewed her back in college at Santa Fe, which just so happens to be around the block from B's apartment! We may or may not look around for Andy Cohen every single time we walk past that restaurant, just in case.

Bestie (and fajita) love
We recently had the opportunity to participate in a special event where Andy was in conversation with Martha Stewart (more on Martha in a later post - she was equal parts completely inspiring and totally petrifying!). It was such a treat to see him in action - he was just as baffled as we were when Martha dropped some fancy-schmancy culinary terms on him, but he certainly did not hold back on the sass!

Our shared reaction to learning that Martha Stewart keeps "examples of ugliness" in her basement - true story.

For his Sophie's Choice-esque trios in "Marry, Shag, Kill", his undying love of side ponytails, and the endless hours of entertainment that he continues to provide us with (twirl twirl twirl!), we are thrilled to salute Andy Cohen as The Sequin Notebook's first ever Honorary Gal! MAZEL!

Let's share the love...why are YOU obsessed with Andy Cohen? Which housewife that Andy has brought into our lives is the one who got you hooked on Bravo? Who else do you deem worthy of this elite honor? Let us know!

We love you too, Andy!

The Gals


  1. GREAT first choice, Gals! Love his Teresa G interactions the most :) The hair on Andy and Susan L in that pic is incredible...mine kinda looks like a combo of the two, haha!

    1. I tried to add a photo of when Teresa shoved Andy at the RHONJ reunion but nothing truly captured the moment! Glad you enjoyed the post!


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