Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Menu: Star-Spangled Barbecue

Hey Gals! We are almost a week away from the 4th, so it’s time for us to kick it into high gear and make sure everyone is ready for some fabulous star-spangled bbq’s!  In case you missed any of our prior posts, you can find them here, here and here. We’ve already gotten you all liquored up with festive cocktails, so today we will be laying out the perfect menu to keep you and your guests from starving with our light and easy barbecue menu! 

As with all party elements, preparation is definitely key when it comes to food. I find that the more I can make in advance, the better! You certainly don’t want to be stuck slaving over a hot stove all day (though we did obviously stick Grill Guy on grill duty!). When mapping out our menu, again we didn’t want to go overboard, so as a rule of thumb, ensure you have one or two proteins, and buy enough so everyone can have seconds, and then add in a vegetable or two, and a starch or two. Lastly, have some chips and dips on hand for your guests to munch on all day, and there you have it, the perfect 4th of July bbq menu!

For our proteins, we decided on sticking with the classic bbq selection of hamburgers and hotdogs – there is a reason they are such a bbq mainstay, everyone loves them! If you are having any vegetarian guests, also plan to have a couple veggie burgers on hand. Also, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite condiments, garnishes and cheeses – nothing worse than a naked burger! 

Dress me up!!
For our vegetable option, we decided to go with a corn salad. Not only is it delicious, but it can be made the night before! This particular corn salad included grilled bell peppers and onions, and was finished with a sherry vinegar dressing, but feel free to supplement any other of your favorite vegetables! Also, while this can be made in advance, wait to dress the salad until right before serving to ensure it doesn’t get soggy. 

 For our starches, we made up 2 quick pasta salads that were you guessed.. made the night before! When making a pasta salad, I use a basic formula which always turn out delicious: 1 lb of cold pasta in the shape of your, some sort of dressing, a cheese and a vegetable. This time around, I chose rigatoni, balsamic vinaigrette, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes for one, and for the other I did small shells, roasted red pepper vinaigrette, goat cheese and fresh peas. Super easy and easy to adapt! As was the case with the corn salad, just wait to dress the salads until right before serving, and also season with salt and pepper to taste.
Lots of empty plates and happy guests!
After putting out some tortilla chips and salsa and our favorite Trader Joes ranch/cheddar/bacon dip (yes, it’s as good as it sounds!), we were all set and hardly broke a sweat. Once our guests arrived and had some time to mingle and settle in, we sent Grill Guy over to grill to fire up our hot dogs and hamburgers while we set out our salads and that was it!

A little salt is the perfect accompaniment to go with your watermelon cocktail in my book! 

What are your summer bbq staples? Any festive favorites that I’m forgetting?
- M

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  1. Burgers and dogs are the perfect All-American staples for sure!! Getting creative with the sides but still keeping things simple makes for a perfect party where everyone can enjoy :)


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