Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Craft It: Greeting Card Makeover

It's no secret that the TSN gals looooove greeting cards. Whether we're stocking up at the Papyrus sale or crafting our own, giving someone a greeting card is a quick way to bring a smile to a loved one's face.

Whenever I'm handing someone a card in person, I like to jazz up the outer envelope to put the recipient in a celebratory mood before they even get to read the card! In just a couple of minutes (and with minimal supplies), your plain envelope can become a work of art.
Go from fab!
First, it's very important to select a fun card. When I shopped at the Papyrus spring sale, I found this glittery birthday card that originally retailed for $7.95 - my sale price brought it down to a thrify total of $1.
See the "Press Here" button? It lights up AND plays bargain!
First, line up your decorating supplies. I selected a couple of Happy Birthday stamps, metallic inks, birthday confetti, and stickers.

Next, write a sweet message to your friend inside the card (I like to use a colorful gel pen), and place your confetti inside so that it will sprinkle out when the recipient opens your card.

Take your favorite stamp and apply it to the front of the envelope (if you're fancy like M, you can also use your embossing gun at this stage for extra glitz). Of course, I can never resist using my favorite font, Budmo!

Next, select the stickers that will spell out the recipient's name. I love the Thickers brand, which is available in a variety of shapes/shades in craft stores and online at Amazon. In order to keep the name centered, start from the middle and work your way out to the sides.

I like to lay my letter stickers out very lightly, so that I can ensure I'm happy with the alignment. Once the name is properly set up, press on the stickers to firmly affix them to the envelope.

For the final step, add a variety of fun stickers! If your envelope has an outline in the upper right corner for a stamp (like this one did), cover it up with something more festive. For this birthday card, I used floral circle stickers and a raised star-shaped balloon sticker (and don't forget to seal the back flap with a sticker, too!).

In just a couple of minutes, you've created a pretty envelope that looks much nicer than just scrawling your friend's name across the front. I guarantee that you'll be a big hit at the next birthday party you attend if you invest just a little bit of time into beautifying the front of your envelope!

What's your favorite easy way to make a friend feel special on a birthday?



  1. Love all the personal touches! I'm sure the recipients will as well :)

    1. Thanks - the presentation really makes a big difference!


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