Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mama needs a... mocktail!

Hey Gals!

There are many things I’ve been missing since I found out I was pregnant, and being able to enjoy a cocktail is certainly one of them! I’m someone who loves to go out to dinner and part of that has always been a nice drink to go with my meal. I’ve never been a soda drinker and iced tea is off limits because of the caffeine, so I’ve found that my drink options are very limited as a pregnant person. While I’m happy to sip some water on the side, I’ve really been missing what I call “a special drink” to help me feel fancy when I’m out to eat. With the exception of some of the nicer restaurants I’ve visited during this pregnancy, I’ve found that special, non-alcoholic drinks are typically not part of many menus, and I’m usually met with a blank stare when I ask what sort of virgin cocktails they offer. After a couple of disappointing Shirley Temples and PiƱa Coladas, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and develop some killer mocktails that I could not only enjoy at home, but also provide to the bartender when out to eat! Each of these can be easily adapted to include alcohol by just adding the spirit of your choice if you are able to imbibe.  But even if you aren't pregnant, consider embracing the mocktail!  Whether you are counting calories or dollars, they are great alternatives when you want something a little fancier than plain old water or seltzer!

This first recipe is what started me on my mocktail journey. Grill Guy took me to Atlantic City for my birthday weekend, which happened to fall about two weeks after we found out I was pregnant. Funnily enough, the restaurant, Cuba Libre, is known for its huge list of rum cocktails! Clearly he made the reservation before we knew I was pregnant, but I was still game for going since its impressive menu of Cuban food looked amazing. Given that we were basically eating in the house of rum, I wasn’t too hopeful when I asked the waitress if they offered any virgin cocktails; imagine my surprise when she presented with me with a couple of delicious sounding options! I decided upon a virgin passion fruit mojito that was so good, it was *almost* as good as the real thing! I knew I had to recreate my own version of it and it’s been particularly satisfying during these hot summer months!

My very first mock - success!

Next up was a little something I created mostly due to the severe lemon and citrus craving that I developed late in my first trimester! This one is a little easier to recreate, and is often my go-to when I’m out to eat since it’s not too complicated to explain to your waiter or waitress. Yes, I realize this is basically just glorified lemonade, but you’d be surprised what a little bit of bubbles can do to a drink – instant mocktail! Be sure not to skimp on the glassware - half of the success to a good mocktail lies in the presentation so break out the good crystal, you’re worth it!
My new go-to

Last up is my take on a margarita. I had been shopping in Williams Sonoma and came across an assortment of margarita mixes. Since they did not contain any alcohol, I thought they’d be the perfect mocktail base and I snatched up the variety pack. The directions suggest swapping out the tequila for water when making a non-alcoholic version, but I came up with an even better supplement – pureed frozen fruit! My favorite so far has been adding frozen pineapple to the mango mix. Sooo good and it takes you straight to the tropics upon your first sip! Obviously this one is reserved for your home blender since you can’t exactly expect a restaurant to have these ingredients on hand, but it certainly does spruce up taco night at home! If I’m feeling particularly generous, I’ll whip up a second batch for Grill Guy and throw in some tequila (though it’s fun to serve him the mocktail version and see if he even notices it’s missing the alcohol!)
Might be a fake-o, but still delish!

Please tell me I’m not the only one out there who loves a “special drink”! For all of the mom's-to-be out there, what are some of your favorite drinks that you’ve been missing during your pregnancy?  For the those that can still indulge, are you willing to give the mock a try?

- M


  1. Wish I had those Ideas back when I was starting a fam! But even we gals beyond that stage have occasion to enjoy the mock! Thanks for the tempting suggestions:)

  2. Glad we could provide some inspiration for those times when you may just want a mock! Please keep us posted if you try any out- we'd love some feedback. Cheers!


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