Monday, July 8, 2013

Post It, Pin It, Insta It, Tweet It, LOVE IT!

Happy Monday, Gals!

We hope you had an absolutely lovely holiday weekend filled with fantastic food and drinkspatriotic style, and all those you love. You may have noticed recently that The Sequin Notebook has been expanding beyond the blogosphere and popping up all over - to follow us and keep up with TSN everywhere you go (and to provide a handy Monday distraction!), we've compiled a list of our official sites. Click the icons below to check them out!

Check back soon - we have a bunch of fun new posts coming your way this week!

The Gals


  1. Always look forward to anything from TSN! So many ways to keep up now :)

    1. Thanks! Make sure you follow us and continue to spread the word :) We have a couple of new posts coming up later this week that we're very excited about!


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