Monday, August 12, 2013

Cake Pop Creation: Baby Faces and Rattles

Even though they are quite labor-intensive, cake pops usually turn out to be pretty adorable which is why we just can't stop ourselves from trying out new creations. These baby faces (modeled after Bakerella's baby face cake pops) that I made for M's Glitzy Blue Baby Shower were definitely the most intricate design I've ever attempted, but I think they may also be the cutest!

The cake pop display at M's Glitzy Blue Baby Shower

To achieve the peachy skin tone, I used Wilton Eggnog Candy Melts - these are usually only available around the holidays so make sure you stock up on these limited edition flavors whenever you come across them (and don't worry about guests not liking the eggnog flavor...we've found that when we simply call it "Vanilla Spice," everyone seems to love it!). Follow the steps in our cake pop tutorial to dip the cake balls and allow them to dry.

Waiting for the cake pops to dry

While the pops are drying, you can start making your candy pacifiers. I took blue discs from candy necklaces and affixed blue chocolate chips to them by dipping a tiny bit of chocolate to cement them together.

Blue candy necklace ring + blue chocolate chip = candy pacifier 

Next, it's time to draw on the faces. 

Luckily for me, Mama B is excellent at drawing (a talent that I certainly did not inherit!) so she helped me tremendously by drawing the faces onto the pops with food markers.

After that, Mama B painted the rosy cheeks onto the pops using edible pink pearl dust. From there, I "glued" the pacifiers onto the mouths (using the melted chocolate once again) and also stuck on a pink pearl sprinkle as the nose.

Almost too cute to eat!

Once the faces were finished, Mama B and I whipped up another batch of pops for the dessert display - this time, we used dark chocolate cake crumbs and frosting to create blue sparkly baby rattles.

These were nowhere near as time-consuming or detailed as the baby faces, and they served as a nice color contrast in the display.

Of course, we just had to include some personalized printable tags for Baby M, as well as a glitzy food tent to complete the cake pop display.

The food tent and tags tied the whole display together
The babies and their rattles

 I was thrilled with the final product, but I have a confession to make - at one point, I almost scrapped the entire project! My melter wasn't operating properly and as a result, some of the cake balls did not dip as smoothly as I would have liked. I was worried that they would be too lumpy and wouldn't look like faces, so I thought it might be best to just dump them - needless to say, I'm glad that Mama B calmed me down and that we kept going! We found the smoothest side of each cake ball to place the face, and the addition of the markers, sprinkles, bags, and tags really did wonders to distract from any slight imperfections.

All wrapped up!

In conclusion, these are definitely an advanced cake pop project that requires much more time than an average batch, but the guests definitely appreciated our efforts and the pops made a very pretty dessert display at the party.

Plus, they tasted good too!

Is anyone out there as crazy as me and thinking about attempting these cake pops? I'd love to see your pictures!



  1. Would have been a shame to scrap this adorable project!!

    1. That's why it always helps to have a crafting partner - you can keep each other sane when crafts get frustrating!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much - glad you like them!


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