Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY Nail Polish Favors

We've all received party favors that have just sat around, gathering dust in our cabinets for years. At your next soiree, give your guests something they'll actually use - after all, there is always room for another bottle of nail polish (especially when it's accompanied by candy and nail polish remover pads)! Since M's love of nail polish is well-documented, I knew that we had to feature it at her recent baby shower.

Grab a set of clear square favor boxes (available at Amazon) and order up some pretty polishes in your party colors. For M's glitzy blue bridal shower, I selected various shades of blues and silvers from the Sephora by OPI nail polish line (bonus: I purchased all of the polishes for 50% off the regular price when Sephora was holding a big sale). 

I punched out some personalized printables and tied them around the base of the bottle cap, then secured each bottle inside the box with a glue dot (also available at Amazon).  

Make sure you don't skip the glue dot step - otherwise, your bottles may tilt or fall over!
Once your bottles are secure, it's time to fill the boxes with some basket filler. I used blue crinkle cut paper shred mixed in with some silver tinsel shred:

I placed my bottles slightly front of center in the boxes so that there wouldn't be too much shred in front.
I selected blue-wrapped "It's a Boy" Hershey's Kisses as our edible portion of the favor but of course I had to take the personalization one step further. Using the same font that appeared on our signage and game sheets, I printed out "Baby Leva" stickers for half of the kisses and placed rhinestone heart stickers on the rest of the candy.

Details, details, details
To top it all off, I placed a packet of nail polish remover pads atop the shred, then sprinkled some glittery "It's a Boy" scatter throughout the boxes to give them some sparkle.

Finally, I used light blue crepe paper as a belly band around the box (secured with another glue dot), then stuck a new personalized printable on top of the box to cap it all off. This printable was different than the one that went around the nail polish bottle, but both coordinated with each other thanks to their blue chevron patterns.

The finished boxes were placed on the tables at each guest's spot (everyone made sure to sit by their favorite color of polish!).

Favor boxes lined up on the tables
All of the guests seemed to really enjoy the favors, but I think the guest of honor enjoyed them most of all! Of course, that may be because she was not limited to just one box - she received all five colors of nail polish:

The complete Baby Leva nail polish collection for the guest of honor!

If you decide to try assembling these favors, my top tip is to make sure you don't skip the glue dots - they were the key to keeping the bottles upright in the boxes. I have to give a big shout-out to Mama B, who worked alongside me (and a bottle of white wine!) to assemble all of the favors!

All in all, this was a fun way to honor M's passion for polish and crafting, while providing the shower guests with a unique favor that they may actually use! 

What do you think of our nail polish boxes? Would you like to receive them as a shower favor (or attempt to make them for your next party)?



  1. So pretty, practical, yet fun and glam!! Def something any gal would love to receive. The personalization makes it even more special :)

    1. A personalized printable is always a great addition to any favor!

  2. Uhhhhhhhhhhh . . . sounds like a great idea for another baby shower coming up!!! Love it!!!

    1. Thanks! This favor would definitely look super cute in pink too :)


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