Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maternity Must Haves - Part 2

Hey Gals!  Today I finish up my maternity must haves with my favorite pregnant indulgences and a little something in between.  Hope you are enjoying these little lists (we love a good list here at TSN!) and I can't wait to hear what some of your fave preg finds have been!

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Ice cream has definitely been a weakness of mine during this pregnancy! While I try not to indulge *every* night, I do often have a small bowl as a sweet treat after dinner, and Ben & Jerry’s has been my go-to. While the little pints are definitely pricier than just purchasing a large carton, I just love all of their delicious flavors and feel this is a small way to indulge without overdoing it!
Prenatal Massages – This next one is definitely a once in a while indulgence, but a crucial one, none-the-less! I’ve been lucky enough to get 2 prenatal massages so far, and each time was such an amazing and relaxing treat for my body. If you haven’t had one yet (and are through your first trimester) spoil yourself and get to a spa!
Ingrid and Isabel Pleated Tank Dress – As I mentioned above, being pregnant often leaves you not feeling at your cutest. I purchased this LBD in my second trimester and it’s been a staple of mine ever since. It’s soft, stretchy material hugs my prego curves in just the right ways, while being one of the most comfortable clothing options I own at this point! Plus, since it’s such a classic style, it’s easy to dress up or down based on the occasion.
Relaxing Baby Moon – Even before I got pregnant, I heard the term “baby moon” thrown around as a must do during pregnancy. While it’s not always possible to have an elaborate getaway prior to baby arriving (and certainly wasn’t for me), I do think scheduling a little relaxing alone time with your significant other goes a long way! We ended up spending Memorial Day Weekend in Maine, and despite having awful rainy weather, it was just the little getaway I needed to recharge my batteries and enjoy some time with Grill Guy.
Nail Polish – It’s no secret that I’m a nail polish junky, but being pregnant has made me appreciate this little indulgence even more! No matter what size you are, a manicure always looks good and has been an instant pick me up for me! While I usually tend to just do my own mani’s and pedis, every so often I’ll also treat myself to a trip to the salon, which is a double bonus indulgence!

Somewhere in between:
iPhone (crammed with lots of pregnancy apps!) – My iPhone obsession certainly predates my pregnancy (loyal user since 2008!) but I don’t know what I’d do without all of my favorite pregnancy apps! From tracking how long I have left, to a fun naming app, I’m literally on my phone all day long tracking something pregnancy related.
Ingrid and Isabel for Target Tank Tops – As noted above, Ingrid and Isabel is a fantastic maternity clothing line, and I was super excited when I realized they have a partnership with Target! Early on I purchased one of their basic black tank tops, and it has been a life saver throughout my pregnancy. It seriously works for so many different occasions (under a blazer at work, paired with leggings and a cardigan for weekend errands..) that I quickly picked up 2 more in different colors and have lived in them ever since!
Bravo Reality TV – Another love of mine that goes back way before I saw those double lines appear on the pee stick, but still an important pregnancy must have none-the-less! Whether it’s a case where my energy was zapped and I enjoy Bravo from the comfort of my bed (with my snoggle of course!), or I have it on in the backround while crafting (see below!), Bravo has continued to be a go-to of mine during pregnancy and as my belly continues to grow bigger and bigger, so does my love for Bravo (and Andy Cohen, of course!).
Craft Projects – This is another one that isn’t necessarily only a pregnancy favorite of mine, but I’d say that I’ve definitely upped my crafting game over these last couple of months. I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, but now that I’m pregnant I’m even more limited on the activities I can do. Crafting has allowed me to keep my sanity and also produce a lot of great baby related projects (tutorials to come, I promise!)
Simple Sugars Body Scrub – I’ve spouted my love of this product before, but I don’t think I realized how great of a pregnancy product this was! It helps keep my skin feeling smooth and moisturized, and is a great way to feel like I’m spoiling myself on a daily basis without causing too much damage on my wallet!


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