Friday, August 30, 2013

Sequiney Pinspiration: Summer Lovin'

Happy Labor Day Weekend Gals!  We can't say goodbye to summer without a proper send off, so today's Sequiney Pinspiration features a little summer lovin'!  While we are super excited for all of the autumnal goodness that's to come, we'll sure miss all of the sunshine, bright colors and refreshing treats.  So soak up the sun for a just a little bit longer and enjoy some of our favorite summertime pins!  Can't get enough?!  Hop over to our Pinterest page and start following the Gals!

sun sparkle // rainbow ice cream spoons // campfire bars // clementine sorbet // night time beach party // sprinkle pops // neon mani // cantaloupe daiquiri 

- The Gals

1 comment :

  1. Sorry to say goodbye to summer, but looking forward to all the fall fun from The Gals!


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