Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shopping Spree: Non-Traditional Baby Bags

I bet you didn’t realize that having a baby lends itself as an excuse to buy 2 new bags for yourself?!  Not convinced.. well just hear me out!  As my pregnancy is nearing the end (woo hoo!), I realized I was in need of not one, but two new bags – a sturdy travel bag that I could use to pack all of the things I need for my upcoming hospital stay, and also a diaper bag.   While I know these might not sound like the sexiest of purse purchases, I was on a mission to make these bags multi-functional, while still keeping with my personal style.  After doing some research (and sale hunting!) I was able to find the perfect two baby bags that not only fit my needs now, but also in the future!
First up is my non-traditional, camera bag/diaper bag!  When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew I’d be needing a diaper bag but hated most of the options available.  Even my gal Kate Spade let me down in this area!

Sorry Kate, but I'm just not feeling it.. especially with that $400 price tag!!

The options out there were just so diaper baggy and screamed soccer mom to me.  Now nothing against all you soccer mom gals out there, but it’s just not my personal style.  Ultimately, I wanted to find a bag that just looked like a purse, but still had the functionality of a diaper bag – enter Kelly Moore camera bags!  

Some of the beautiful (and colorful!) camera bags made by Kelly Moore
I became familiar with this brand a couple years back when I needed a camera bag for my dSLR.  I loved that they looked like regular purses, but contained adjustable pockets to keep all of your gear stored safely.  Luckily I was still on the Kelly Moore mailing list, so I recently received an email of a promotion they were having, which caused me to click over to her site and do a little browsing.  After looking through some of her latest selections, I realized that these bags were also being described as great to use as diaper bags!  Since I already love the look of them and know the quality was great, it was really a no brainer that I had found my perfect diaper bag!

After pouring over every bag ten times over, I finally selected the 2 Sues bag in Indigo.  The shape was perfect and I absolutely the love the rich, indigo color!

My beautiful non-traditional diaper bag - Kelly Moore 2 Sues in Indigo

While it’s a bit more pricey that some of the more traditional diaper bags out there, I felt like the price was completely justified since the bag is made of real leather, and I know I’ll be able to use for years to come!  Once the baby no longer requires me to carry half of the house around for him (that will happen eventually, right?!) I can simply remove the inside dividers, and I'll have a regular old purse!  While I haven’t started using it yet, I’m already thrilled about my purchase and very excited to tote it around once my little guy arrives.  I’ll be sure to give some follow up feedback once I do start using it, though I’m sure I’ve found the perfect diaper bag that works for me!
Next up – the hospital bag!  Ok, maybe I didn’t *have to* purchase a new bag just for the hospital, but I was actually in need of a new travel bag so this was the perfect excuse to do a little shopping!  I knew I wanted a roomy overnight bag that wasn’t too bulky, but still big enough to house a couple nights worth of clothes and toiletries.  After keeping a look out on my favorite shopping sites, I came across the brand Deux Lux on Shopbop and really loved their selection of travel bags.  

Deux Lux Weekender Collection - time to travel in style!
The price tag was a little steep, though, so I added the brand to all of my favorite sale alert sites (shopittome, shop style) and hoped something would pop up.  Flash forward a couple weeks, and I was delighted to see that Gilt Groupe was hosting a Deux Lux sale!  After browsing, I found a great neutral dark grey bag that seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.  And the best part?!  The bottom half of the bag is lined with sequins!  How perfect is that?!  

My sequiney new hospital bag - Deux Lux Berlin Weekender in charcoal
So I immediately snatched it up, and am in love with my new travel bag!  It’s the perfect size, not too heavy, and has a great cross-body strap that makes it perfect for carrying (or at least that’s what Grill Guy tells me!).  Now I just need to get to packing it up for the hospital!  I promise once I finally do pack it up, I’ll post a follow up on how it survived our trip!
So what do you think of my non-traditional baby bags?  Are you a fan of the more classic takes on baby bags, or are you like me and prefer a different take on them?
- M


  1. Fabulous choices, M!! I'm sure you'll be the most stylish new mom around :)

  2. Thanks! Now if I could only figure out what I need to pack in these bags!!


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