Thursday, September 5, 2013

Craft It: Pom Pom Stirrers

We always strive for low-stress entertaining, but there are certainly times when our detailed task lists seem overwhelming. During a brief moment of panic when I was surrounded by a mountain of melting chocolate and craft supplies for M's Glitzy Blue Baby Shower, I took a deep breath and did something that may seem counterintuitive - I added a new craft to my list as a de-stressing technique! These pom pom drink stirrers are SO easy that I was able to set up, complete them, and fully clean up in less than an hour - seeing a final product so soon after I started the project boosted my confidence and made me feel calmer about tackling my other crafts.

The only supplies you'll need to create these pom pom drink stirrers are a glue gun/glue sticks, striped paper straws, and pom poms (I cannot locate my exact product online, but it was an assortment of sizes/shades of blue from Michael's).

Step 1: Apply a small dot of glue to the pom pom of your choice (or if you're feeling fancy, glue two small poms together first to create a stacked look).

Step 2: Press the pom pom to the top of the straw.

Step 3: Lay the straw down to dry.

You're finished! These pom pom stirrers will add a whimsical touch to the drinks at your next party - they were especially handy at M's baby shower for the guests who wanted to stir a little liquor into their mocktails!

On display at the bar (right next to the sign for our signature drink, Baby Leva's Brew); M stirring up her mocktail; a closer look at the pom poms
How do you cope with crafting stress? What kind of pom pom/straw combination will you be trying out at your next party?



  1. I think these are the cutest!! I'm thinking of some sparkly Christmas color combos to add to the holiday cheer!

    1. Such a great idea - these would be very festive for the holidays!


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