Monday, September 9, 2013

Friend Dating: The Brunch Club

With all of the daily obligations and commitments that everyone must face, it can be challenging to schedule quality time with your friends (especially since everyone's schedules are so packed!). As besties for 15 years and counting, M and I know that friendships, like any relationship, require attention and making an effort to spend time together. What's a gal to do when she wants to make sure that the whole gang can catch up with each other on a regular basis? She sets a standing date with her friends...introducing, the Brunch Club!

Like The Breakfast Club, but with better hair
The idea for the Brunch Club came about because there are tons of fantastic brunch menus in Manhattan (which are usually more affordable than the dinner options) and because brunching with friends is a fantastic way to swap fun stories from the weekend. It's laid back, it lends itself well to group conversation, and it usually involves cocktails...what's not to love?

Once a month, a club member reserves a table at a NYC brunch spot and all club members (and other extended friends) are welcome to join...the more, the merrier! The best part is that there is no pressure or obligation to attend every outing - if someone can't make brunch one month, we'll just catch them at the next one! While we certainly try to spend time together more than once a month, it's nice to have a regular event to look forward to each month where I know that I'll be able to dine and chat with some of my closest friends. 

If brunch isn't your scene, try organizing a different kind of club that appeals to you and your friends...maybe a Movie Club, Dinner Club, Crafting Club (I'd like to join this one!), or even the tried-and-true Book Club. The important thing is to make sure that you're investing in your friendships and putting the same effort into cultivating them that you would for any other kind of relationship (but unlike romantic dating, you don't have to worry about feeling awkward when the check arrives during a friend date!).

For any New York readers, the Brunch Club outing featured in these photos took place at Garage in Greenwich Village, which showcases live jazz music every Saturday and Sunday. The food was tasty, the musicians were happy to accommodate our song requests, and the bottomless drinks were free-flowing. For dessert, we walked across the street to Big Gay Ice Cream, which was super delicious and the perfect treat to share with friends!

How do you "date" your friends? Are you ready to start a monthly club of your own?



  1. Love this idea! Just got together with some old friends this past weekend, and realized it had been 2 years!! We need to start something like this :)

    1. It really helps to make it a regular event. Love catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones through Brunch Club!


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