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Party Planner: Fun and Sassy Baby Shower Games

(Looking for games for a baby girl shower? Check out Part 2 of this post series!)

When planning shower games, it's very important to keep the guest of honor's preferences in mind. I knew that M wouldn't want to be put on the spot during her Glitzy Blue Baby Shower (or have anyone trying to guess the circumference of her belly!), so I devised three games that reflected her personality and involved all of the guests. She even got to compete in two of them (and took home the top prize in our second game!).

I designed three game sheets, using the same fonts that were previously used on the napkins, food tents, and guest book, to unify the games with the overall shower theme. All of the templates are available for download at the end of the post!

The official game sheets of M's baby shower
The three games we played (in order) were Name That Baby Tune, Celebrity Baby Name Game, and Mommy or Daddy?.

First up was Name That Baby Tune, which was a great starter because it was loud, fun, and served as an immediate icebreaker that set the mood of the party.

Since M is a master at making song mixes, this game was a natural fit for her shower. We came up with a playlist of 15 songs that all feature that word "Baby" somewhere in the title and played approximately 10 seconds of each song. Guests received a point for each correct song title and an additional point for each correct artist. With songs ranging from "Baby Now That I've Found You" (The Foundations) to "Baby Boy" (Beyonce), there were opportunities for every decade to shine (and for every guest to sing and dance along to!). Feel free to comment below if you'd like me to send you the full playlist.

While guests were still sitting at the tables in between appetizers and the main course, we played the Celebrity Baby Name Game.

The game sheets provided a column of celebrity parents on the left, which had to be matched with the correct baby name in the column on the right. However, there was a twist to this game - there was one additional set of parents who did not have a baby listed in the other column! Guests had to correctly identify which couple did not have a multiple choice answer, and then could write in the baby's name for an additional three bonus points (can you spot the bonus couple and name their baby?).

M was crowned the victor of the Celebrity Baby Name Game - I guess all those hours of watching Bravo and celebrity gossip shows while crafting finally paid off!

Our final game, Mommy or Daddy?, was played right before M opened her presents.

This game required some pre-party preparation - I sent a list of questions to M and Grill Guy's mothers to find out what they were like as babies and children, and then guests had to guess whether the answer was Mommy (M) or Daddy (Grill Guy). Sample questions included:

- Whose favorite song was "The Chicken Dance"?
- Who weighed more when they were born, Mommy or Daddy? (for a bonus point, guests could guess the bigger baby's weight within a pound)
- Who had an imaginary friend named Minute?

This game was especially popular with M and Grill Guy's aunts and grandmothers, who enjoyed reminiscing about what they were like as babies. It also led to some fun family stories, and some surprises about Grill Guy that even M didn't know about before (apparently, his first "job" as a toddler was as a young mascot for a Little League team)!

In addition to these three main games, we also played gift bingo throughout the present portion of the day, and guests were able to guess how many pieces of candy were in a large baby bottle.

If you'd like to play these games at your next baby shower, download our free templates:

Name that Baby Tune
Celebrity Baby Name Game
Mommy or Daddy?

If you'd like to see more fun and sassy baby shower games, check out Part 2 of this post series.

Do you love or hate participating in shower games? Which of these three is your favorite?



  1. I love participating in non-tacky games!! These are fun and cool! My fave is Name That Baby Tune :)

    1. Name That Baby Tune definitely got the crowd dancing and ready to party!

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  3. LOVE these all! Do you have printables to share? I would LOVE the song list please!

    1. So glad you enjoy them, Wendy - we had a lot of fun with these games! Our song list is below (but of course, feel free to add in any of your favorite "baby" songs!):

      1. Baby - Justin Bieber
      2. Always be my baby – Mariah Carey
      3. Baby I love your way – Peter Frampton
      4. Baby I’m burning – Dolly Parton
      5. Baby love – Diana Ross and the Supremes
      6. Baby now that I’ve found you – The Foundations
      7. Baby one more time – Britney Spears
      8. Can’t get enough of your love, baby – Barry White
      9. Come on over baby – Christina Aguilera
      10. Hey baby – No Doubt
      11. Ice ice baby – Vanilla Ice
      12. Love to love you baby – Whitney Houston
      13. Baby got back – Sir-Mix-A-Lot
      14. Baby be mine – Michael Jackson
      15. Baby boy – Beyonce

      I'm planning to upload the printable game sheets this weekend - hope you'll be able to use them!

    2. LOVE it! Thank you SOOOO much!

    3. Happy to help! I uploaded the game sheets this morning, so hopefully they'll come in handy for you! Let me know if you wind up playing any of the games :)

  4. These are adorable! I was wondering if I could have a PDF of the Mommy or Daddy Game? I think it would be a great game for both sides of the family!

    1. The templates have now been added to the post - feel free to download them, and please let us know how your guests enjoy Mommy or Daddy! Ours loved swapping family stories about the parents-to-be. Thanks for visiting TSN!

    2. Thank you! I can't wait to share with everyone!


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