Friday, September 27, 2013

Sequiney Pinspiration: Crafty Gals

Happy Friday Gals!  It's no secret that we love a good craft here at TSN, so this week is all about our favorite Pinterest Crafts.  After a crazy weekend out and about, sometimes there is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon craft session, with a Bravo marathon and bottle of wine to keep you company!  Here are some of our favorite crafts we are dying to try out - hopefully they leave you feeling as inspired as they do for us!  And please let us know if you attempt to try any out - we'd love to hear about all of the projects our TSN readers are working on!

dip dye ribbon // pom stirrers // diy confetti // homemade syrup // glitter votives // champ glasses // chalkboard glasses // key covers // glitter tape

- M

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  1. That sounds like my kind of craft session :)


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