Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Glitzy Pumpkins

With Halloween just a few days away, it's time to add some glitz to all of the spookiness! There's nothing more festive than a decorative pumpkin, but who has the time to deal with all of the knives and stringy pumpkin guts involved with carving? Save yourself a whole lot of mess and add a little sparkle to your Halloween by crafting your own glitzy pumpkins.

As with any kind of crafting, the first step is to gather your supplies. For my six designs I used loose glitter, glitter glue, a foam brush, glitter paint, glitter glue pens, a hot glue gun, rhinestones, pearl stickers, metallic ink, and Halloween stamps.

That's a whole lot of glitter!
First up is a basic lined pumpkin - simply trace the natural grooves of your pumpkin with alternating colors of glitter glue pens for a clean striped look.

If you're looking for something less symmetrical, experiment with loose glitter. I painted on random swirls of glitter glue and topped it with blue and gold glitter.

Next up is a less girly design that I like to think of as a tattooed pumpkin! Using spiderweb and star stamps with metallic green and gold ink, I covered the pumpkin to give it more of a "rock" edge. This is a great way to ease boyfriends and husbands into the wonderful world of crafting!

This polka dot pumpkin also uses the glitter glue pens - simply select your colors and make small dots all around the pumpkin.

If you liked the simple elegance of the original striped pumpkin, you'll also enjoy this next look that adds pearl stickers and plays with various line lengths. 

Finally, here is the glitziest design of all! I used a light layer of glitter paint to add subtle sparkle all over the pumpkin, and then used a lot glue gun to add a layer of shiny rhinestones around the midsection of the pumpkin. Instant Halloween glam!

These mini pumpkins are the perfect Halloween decor because they are small enough to scatter throughout my studio apartment, but each one offered a new opportunity for easy glitzy crafting.

How will you be decorating your pumpkins this Halloween?


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