Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DIY Halloween Costume: Pageant Girl Costume (for Adults!)

Since I love any excuse to go glam, Halloween has always been an opportunity to play around with whimsical wigs, colorful makeup, and of course, an overabundance of glitter! If you share M's and my obsession with brain candy reality shows, there's a pretty good chance that you've stumbled across an episode or two of Toddlers and Tiaras. The soapy drama and the glitziness appeal to us for obvious reasons, but I never imagined that I'd find inspiration for a fantastic DIY Halloween costume on the show! Here's my take on a pageant girl costume (no sewing required!).

Make sure you strike your best "pretty hands" pose!
I had a blast in this costume because it was sparkly, an immediate conversation starter, and an easy DIY project - what could be better? I started with a base costume from the (get ready to cringe) "Sexy Disney Princess" line (ughhh) which is basically just a shortened version of a classic Disney Princess outfit (mine was supposed to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast). There's a great base dress here at Party City if you'd like to do a pale pink pageant look.

After ordering my dress online, M and I took a trip to M&J Trimming to pick up different sequins and embellishments in my accent color, hot pink. Armed with these add-ons, I was ready to plug in my glue gun and get to work on creating the perfect Glitz Dress (yes, I was getting my game face on and using official pageant lingo!). Some tulle netting beneath the skirt kept it perfectly puffed out to the side, as a cupcake skirt should be for an official beautywear competition (now I'm just showing off my newly acquired jargon). 

Of course, a pageant girl is never fully dressed without her accessories. My little white lace anklet socks and white patent Mary Jane shoes were picked up at a Payless clearance. I swung by the drugstore for some bronzer (although I probably should have just borrowed some from M's bottomless stash!) since every glitz girl needs a solid tan - once the bronzer was in place, I was free to go crazy with all sorts of sparkly, dazzling eye makeup.

Since I was obviously planning to be the Ultimate Grand Supreme winner of the pageant, I picked up a cheap plastic crown from the local party store along with a pack of wands, which I hot-glued on to add more height to the crown. My hot pink sash declared my title thanks to a glitter pen, and I mounted some fake money onto a piece of cardboard to flash my money fan prize around. 

Let's take a closer look at how it all came together:

The sash, tiara, pageant shoes, anklets, money fan, curly blonde wig, and lots of hot pink embellishments transformed me from a second-rate Belle into a glitz pageant superstar!
If you're thinking about creating your own pageant Halloween costume, remember that you definitely don't need to be a skilled seamstress - all of these pink items were glued on and they lasted throughout multiple Halloween parties. Just start with a basic dress and add on lots of embellishments - the best part is that more is more with this costume. It's impossible to go too over the top!

This look was certainly an attention-grabber - in addition to my Ultimate Grand Supreme title, I also won first prize at one of the Halloween parties I attended (which netted me a delicious bottle of Smirnoff Whipped Cream vodka - yum!). 

And just remember...smile! Your adoring public awaits!

Such a ham
Are you excited to create your own pageant girl costume, or are you all Honey Boo Boo-ed out? Let us know what's on your DIY costume agenda this Halloween!



  1. Simply the best and most fun costume ever!!!!! I love it when you can just glitter and bedazzle with abandon :)

    1. Exactly! There can never be too much glitz for a pageant!


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