Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Hey Gals! With Halloween quickly approaching, we're thinking of some fab costume ideas for every member of your family...including your dog!

M's dog Fred posing in her Halloween finest!
Back when M still lived in the city, we took her dog Fred to a local Halloween costume contest parade for dogs. Her costume was a last-minute decision that we quickly crafted together, but it was obvious when we got to the parade that the other dog owners took this very seriously and had put lots of thought into their costumes. Here are some of our favorites...hopefully they will inspire you to let your dog join in the Halloween fun this year!

The Medusa in the bottom right corner is a fun look for any dogs who won't immediately shake those snakes off of their heads! We also love the lobster costume, Dog Elvis, and the doggie dreidel. We're still tying to figure out exactly what's happening with the dog in the carriage, but we know that we're obsessed with his furry hat!

Of course, our favorite is still Fred's Queen Bee costume. She was far from the only bee in the parade, but she was definitely the glitziest! This costume was created by adding sequins to a yellow/black tutu, sticking yellow pom poms onto black pipe cleaners, and using gold garland as trim. 

All hail Queen Bee Fred!
It's also fun for you to join your dog and make it a group costume...Fred convinced us to be her worker bees at the parade. Our black leggings, yellow sweaters, and black/yellow bee headbands created the look, and we had a little bit of Fred's glitziness thanks to our gold garland necklaces. 

Queen Bee Fred wound up taking home 11th place that year (out of a few hundred dogs)...we'll be back to try to take home the top title!

The Queen Bee and her two worker bees
What will your dog be dressing up as this year?

The Gals


  1. AWWWW, no dog here, but these are the best....Fred should have been #1 :)

    1. Thanks, we think so too :) Maybe next year!

  2. Looks like I’ll be preparing way too early for Halloween 2017! The bee costume is so adorable and I can see my dog wearing it as well. I was actually looking for a good compilation of costume ideas for next year, and aside from your article, I also found this:

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  4. No doubt the pet costumes above are nice,I think I would like to select these type of item in 2017.


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