Thursday, October 10, 2013

Party Planner: Build a Brunch

It's pretty clear by now that we love a brunch gathering - keep things simple at your next home brunch by inviting guests over for a Build a Brunch! A mimosa bar and bagel bar were the focal points of this gathering, with some assorted side dishes mixed in for variety.

First up is the mimosa bar.
The key to any mimosa bar (besides the prosecco, of course!) is offering a flavorful variety of juices and toppings so guests can experiment with different mix-ins. Our mimosa bar featured peach, pineapple, and orange juices, with raspberry nectar, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, and raspberries as mix-ins.

The mimosa bar was marked with printable signs from Confetti Sunshine that we mounted onto bright pink cardstock. We also used gold ink and a bird stamp on the larger Mimosa Bar and Java Jolt signs (the Java Jolt was a Welcome Shot comprised of iced coffee, vanilla vodka, and chocolate liquor). The bird stamp was actually part of a Christmas stamp pack that was on sale at Michael's for only $1.50 - as you can see, it definitely can be used for more than just the holidays so it always pays to take a quick peek at the sale rack!

Of course, no TSN party would be complete without a few crafts! Our plastic flutes on the Mimosa Bar had a little extra sparkle once we painted the bases with a glittery orange. We created a tassel banner to tie to the front of the Mimosa Bar, along with a smaller tassel banner to tie in front of the Bagel Bar. The Mimosa Bar's pretty-in-pink look was topped off by interwoven strands of hot pink crepe paper.

Clockwise from top left: Painted bases, finished champagne flute, finished Mimosa Bar, tassels for the banner
Now, onto the food! We picked up an assortment of bagels, sliced them in half, and wrapped them in blue striped wax paper bags. The bagel halves were placed in a large bowl, and guests could create their own ultimate brunch bagels with toppings and assorted cream cheeses (plain, vegetable, and apple cinnamon). The bagel bowl was topped with a cheerful flag banner made out of tissue paper and letter stickers, which was tied to bamboo sticks with orange baker's twine.

With a Mimosa Bar and a Bagel Bar, the possibilities for different combinations are endless! Our guests loved trying new bagel creations and drink options, while we loved the easy set-up and clean-up that these menu offerings created for us.

What would you serve at a Build a Brunch gathering?



  1. Great ideas as usual, Gals! I'd love to attend a TSN brunch, but I'll def steal all these ideas for one of my own :)

    1. Feel free, steal away! :) And yes, we should have a TSN readers brunch sometime soon!


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