Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pretty Polish: Rescue Beauty Lounge Cerise Noir

Hey Gals!  As I've been settling into life with my new little favorite gal, I'm realizing everything I was warned about in these first couple weeks is true!  Showering has become a luxury that I'm not always afforded and my hair has been in a constant messy bun.  One way I've managed to maintain a little normalcy and not feel like a total disaster is with my nails (of course!).  I find that as long as I have a beautiful polish on my hands, I'm able to feel at least a little put together.  Since the little guy does leave me so strapped for time, I knew that my first mani as a new mommy would need to have one with staying power, so of course I turned to one of my favorite nail polish brands, Rescue Beauty Lounge!  Rescue Beauty Lounge, or RBL, polishes have an amazing formula that actually resists the normal chips that I usually see by day 2 of a mani. Also, their creme colors are a dream to apply, and all I need is two coats, max. You may have noticed from my Polish Display Post that I have quite the collection of RBL's, so choosing a color is usually half my battle!

 For this mani, I decided to do a more classic look and went with Cerise Noir. As described on the RBL site, it's "black cherries wrapped in dark chocolate. Decadant, luscious, and just a bit dangerous." I just love a dark nail, especially for fall, so this was a perfect choice!

I always start my mani's with RBL's Treatment System. - Currently it looks like it's only available separately, but I definitely recommend it. I start with the Base Coat Prep, then follow with the Base Coat, and finish up with the Top Coat after I apply my polish.

Below is two coats, before I applied the shiny Top Coat:

And here is after the Top Coat is applied:

Today is day 3 of my mani, and still not a chip in sight! What do you think of my Mommy Mani- are you a fan of the classic, dark color, or do you prefer something a little more cray?

- M

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  1. Thanks for the rec, M! I'm a huge hater of those annoying chips! your mani looks great :)


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