Thursday, November 14, 2013

iPhone Backgrounds: Paper Source Inspiration

Inspiration can sneak up on you when you least expect it! After a lovely impromptu dinner with a friend last night, we stopped into (where else?) Paper Source on our walk home. We may have mentioned our love of Paper Source before on The Sequin Notebook, as it is one of our favorite craft supply destinations. Even better, they stock tons of beautiful sheets of wrapping paper that can be used to create unique, personalized packages to showcase your gifts.

While lusting over these gorgeous papers (yes, we may have an addiction), my friend snapped a photo of one of his favorites. I love updating my iPhone background to suit my mood or the season, so I captured a few of my favorite Paper Source gift wraps and will be keeping them in my photo gallery so they can be rotated in and out of my phone. Below are a few of my personal favorites from tonight.

I love the yummy macaron and doughnut images (though they may lead me to some poor food choices if I look at them every day!), and I am always a sucker for geometric patterns like the gold chevron and the bright triangles. Each of these stunning papers would look amazing on a gift, but why settle for a one-time use when you can appreciate their beauty every day on your phone? We use our phones so much that we might as well have something pretty to look at while we're scrolling through, and it was lovely to find some surprise inspiration tonight to give my background a facelift.

My current winner is the feather paper featured below (and also featured as the wallpaper on my phone). I love how the soft, fluffy feathers are balanced out by the sharpness of the arrows.

Do you like to personalize your phone's backgrounds? When have you been struck by unexpected inspiration?



  1. Such a cute and creative idea! That's a great way to enjoy those beautiful papers long after the gift has been torn into :)

    1. Definitely! They also had some great Christmas papers, so I'll need to go back in a few weeks to grab some new photos!


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