Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanksgiving Place Settings

In addition to eagerly anticipating my dad's insanely delicious pumpkin cheesecake and my mom's recreation of my grandma's famous stuffing, I'm excited to create festive Thanksgiving place settings. After all, the best place to sit down for a delicious Thanksgiving meal is a beautifully-set table filled with family (plus, it's not as if I would be trusted in the kitchen!). These special Thanksgiving place settings are easy to make, and will create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday feast. 

1) Fall Feathers: Simply place two feathers in mixed colors/prints on top of each napkin for elegant flair.

2) I Am Thankful For: Place a sheet of paper at each setting to give guests an opportunity to share what they are thankful for each year. A pen is wrapped and topped with paper leaves to make filling out the sheets even easier.

3) Chocolate Turkey: I love the idea of leading with dessert! This chocolate turkey is a sweet preview for a decadent meal.

4) Simple Fruit: Sometimes the simplest item makes the biggest statement - add a grosgrain ribbon to the fruit stem to tie this into the rest of your color scheme (and if all of your Thanksgiving apples are already committed to apple pie, try a pear on the plate!).

5) Pumpkin Place Card: If you have any mini pumpkins left over from Halloween, try adding a piece of scrapbook paper to the stem. Cut it out in a swirling flag shape, and add each guest's name to the paper on the pumpkin (instead of just pumpkins, you can also try all different shapes and colors of gourds to mix it up).

6) Kiddie Drumstick: This cheery drumstick (made with brown paper lunch bags) will be a big hit this year at the Kids' Table! Once the drumstick is wrapped, add bright block letter stickers to spell out each child's name. You can also set up all the supplies earlier in the day and let the kids make their own, so that they are busy with a fun craft activity while the adults put the finishing touches on the turkey.

7) Pinecone & Twine: The scattered pinecones and plain "EAT" tag are (literally!) tied together to the napkin by rustic twine. It's easy to assemble, and I like that each plate would be slightly different depending on the pinecone shapes and configurations.

I hope you find some inspiration from these ideas to make your own unique place settings! What will be on your Thanksgiving table this year?



  1. All great suggestions!! A festive table always makes the meal even yummier :)

    1. It's amazing how a homey table seems to make the food taste even better!

  2. Is it bad that even though I'm not hosting Thanksgiving, I still want to do all of these and bring them with me?!

    1. Not bad at all - that's what I'm planning to do too!


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