Thursday, December 12, 2013

Craft It: Save That Scrap Paper!

Hey Gals!  Today we are revisiting one of our most vital crafting tips - do not discard leftover craft items!  I may go a bit overboard and save even the smallest of scraps, but for today's tutorial, we show you how to repurpose that pesky leftover scrap paper into a mini craft.  And with the holiday season upon us, these little bits add up to lots of fun embellishments!

We previously showed you how easy it is to jazz up your card envelopes here by adding a liner, and your holiday cards are no exception!  As I crafted up a batch of liners for the M family Christmas card, I was getting frustrated at the thought of throwing out all of these beautiful leftover scrap papers.

But then I remembered our golden rule, and decided I must find a way to reuse these scraps!  After scanning my craft arsenal, I realized I could use my circle punch to craft up some envelope sealers.  Not only does this add a fun little accent to the outside of the envelope, but it's actually quite handy because it ensures your envelope is extra secure!

To make these, just take your leftover scrap paper and use the paper punch of choice to make a bunch of the sealers.  Then either attach a glue dot, or if you want it to have extra staying power, you can run these through a Zyron machine, which is what I did.  Then attach to your envelope!

So simple, cute, and resourceful!  And feel free to break out some of your other punches and make confetti!  I'm picturing lots of cute snowflakes that I can sprinkle on my holiday table!  I also used my tag punch to make custom homemade gift tags - love it!

So tell us, how do you plan on repurposing your leftover crafting items?  Or what is your golden crafting rule that you always abide by?

- M

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  1. So creative, as usual! I save every bit of every paper and supply with no clue of what to do with it....great ideas :)


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