Monday, December 23, 2013

DIY Ornament Cup

Hey Gals! All set for Christmas? If you're looking for an easy DIY project to add a little flair to your Christmas gathering, look no further than this ornament cup. Yes, we are using real ornaments and no, they will not roll off your table!

Supplies (from left to right): Crochet rings, sparkle paint, foam brush, clear glass ornaments, pom poms
All of the supplies above can be found at Michael's or any other local craft store. Once you've gathered your supplies, follow these easy instructions:

1) Remove the silver hook tops from the ornaments and thoroughly wash them.

2) Paint your crochet rings in the color of your choice (I used sparkly green paint) and allow them to dry completely.

3) Using a hot glue gun, run a thin line of glue around one side of the crochet ring, and then stick the ornament on top. The ornament will nest nicely within the ring so that these cups can be placed down without rolling over.

4) For optional embellishment, glue multicolored pom poms around your glass. I glued mine on top, but next time I might try gluing them around the base of the glass so that you can see the ornament shape on top.

Once the ornaments are fully dry, use a funnel to pour your beverages into them. Make sure you have straws on hand as well, since it could get messy to drink directly from these glasses!

What DIY projects are on your list for this year's holiday parties?


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