Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Craft It: Greeting Card Makeover

It's no secret that the TSN gals looooove greeting cards. Whether we're stocking up at the Papyrus sale or crafting our own, giving someone a greeting card is a quick way to bring a smile to a loved one's face.

Whenever I'm handing someone a card in person, I like to jazz up the outer envelope to put the recipient in a celebratory mood before they even get to read the card! In just a couple of minutes (and with minimal supplies), your plain envelope can become a work of art.
Go from fab!
First, it's very important to select a fun card. When I shopped at the Papyrus spring sale, I found this glittery birthday card that originally retailed for $7.95 - my sale price brought it down to a thrify total of $1.
See the "Press Here" button? It lights up AND plays bargain!
First, line up your decorating supplies. I selected a couple of Happy Birthday stamps, metallic inks, birthday confetti, and stickers.

Next, write a sweet message to your friend inside the card (I like to use a colorful gel pen), and place your confetti inside so that it will sprinkle out when the recipient opens your card.

Take your favorite stamp and apply it to the front of the envelope (if you're fancy like M, you can also use your embossing gun at this stage for extra glitz). Of course, I can never resist using my favorite font, Budmo!

Next, select the stickers that will spell out the recipient's name. I love the Thickers brand, which is available in a variety of shapes/shades in craft stores and online at Amazon. In order to keep the name centered, start from the middle and work your way out to the sides.

I like to lay my letter stickers out very lightly, so that I can ensure I'm happy with the alignment. Once the name is properly set up, press on the stickers to firmly affix them to the envelope.

For the final step, add a variety of fun stickers! If your envelope has an outline in the upper right corner for a stamp (like this one did), cover it up with something more festive. For this birthday card, I used floral circle stickers and a raised star-shaped balloon sticker (and don't forget to seal the back flap with a sticker, too!).

In just a couple of minutes, you've created a pretty envelope that looks much nicer than just scrawling your friend's name across the front. I guarantee that you'll be a big hit at the next birthday party you attend if you invest just a little bit of time into beautifying the front of your envelope!

What's your favorite easy way to make a friend feel special on a birthday?


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Party Planner: Glitzy Blue Baby Shower

The gals of The Sequin Notebook had a lot to celebrate this past weekend - with the arrival of Baby M only a couple of months away, it was time to shower his mama with love and personalized party crafts! The blue/gray glitzy color palette was complemented by safari touches inspired by Baby M's nursery.

It's a Boy hand-rolled cake pops / / custom stamped napkins with giraffe image / / pom pom stirrers / / photo guest book featuring baby photos of the parents-to-be / / guest favors featuring blue/gray Sephora nail polishes / / silver sparkle crown, L, and heart decor / / sparkly blue and silver food tents

We'll be featuring tutorials and party planning tips on some of our favorite items from M's glitzy blue baby shower - can't wait to share them with you!


Friday, July 26, 2013

Sequiney Pinspiration: Weekly Pin Love

Hey Gals!

Are you following TSN on Pinterest yet?!  If not, here are some of our favorite pins this week.  Hopefully they leave you feeling as sequiney and inspired as they do for us.  And for even more pretty pins, follow us here!

sequins and champs // gold heart // popsicles // neon party // glitzy stars // confetti poppers // dreamy marshmallows

- M

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SALE ALERT: FREE Deborah Lippmann polish!

We've previously raved about Deborah Lippmann's amazing glitter, you can take home a FREE bottle, courtesy of!

Deb's fabulous Good Girl Gone Bad polish can be yours for free with any $20 purchase - considering that her polishes usually retail in the $17 range, this is quite the discount! Make sure you snap it up before it goes away forever!

The Gals

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Product Love: Deborah Lippmann Staccato Nail Polish Collection

Staccato collection: Rockin' Robin, Polka Dots & Moonbeams, I'm Not Edible
Nail polish that looks like our favorite ice cream flavors...what's not to love? Textured nails are popping up all over this summer, and these subtle glitter polishes are the perfect way to embrace this trend.

Being a cookies and creme ice cream lover, I had to try out Deb's play on this flavor.

Polka Dots & Moonbeams

Monday, July 22, 2013

Craft It: DIY Homemade Thank You Cards

Hey Gals!  Today we have an easy tutorial for homemade thank you cards (or really, any type of card you desire!) that are high on cuteness, but couldn't be easier to make!

With my shower right around the corner, I knew I wanted to make sure I had thank you cards ready to go so I could get them out soon after the event.  Now of course I could just buy a set of cute thank you cards, but what fun would that be?!  Instead, I decided to break out my stamp collection and craft up a custom set.  While I made these specifically for my baby shower, they are very easily adapted to pretty much any type of thank you card you could possibly need.

Here are the craft supplies you'll need to make the exact cards that I made, but as you see in the tutorial, I've also included some ways to adapt the project if you don't have all of these items available.

First we'll start with the thank you cards.

Step 1: Take a sheet of 8.5x11 card stock in the color of your choice and cut in half so the end result is two 8.5x5.5 cards.  I used cover weight paper in Night from Paper Source.
*Alternative: If you don't have a paper cutter available, just purchase the size A2 notecards and you're ready to go - no cutting necessary!

Step 2: Fold card in half, then score with a bone folder.

Step 3a: Select the stamps and ink of your choice and design your card!  I used a variety of Thank You stamps, along with some fun designs of chevron, polka dots, a cute baby carriage and some pretty scrolls.  I just couldn't commit to one design, and why should I?!  That's the whole point of making them yourself - the ability to customize!
3b: After stamping, cover your design with embossing powder.
3c: Remove excess powder and heat design with an embossing gun.
Note: Don't be afraid to be liberal with the powder, just be sure to save that excess for next time!
*Alternative: If you don't have the embossing supplies, feel free to just stamp

Step 4: Admire the finished product - it's really that easy!

Next up - let's jazz up the envelopes!

Step 1: Using an envelope liner template, trace the outline onto the scrapbook paper of your choice.  I used a mix of stripes, chevron, and some cute baby themed papers.  One 12x12 sheet of paper yielded 3 liners.  Also, be sure to trace on the back of your paper so any lines are hidden!
Alternate: Use pre-cut liners!

Step 2: Insert your liner into the envelope, then fold shut.  Reopen, and apply some glue or double stick tape to the back side of your liner.  Press the back of the liner into your card with some pressure.

And there you have it - custom thank you cards in just a couple of steps!  So simple, yet so cute, if I do say so myself!  Luckily I had most of the supplies already, so all I needed to purchase was the paper and envelopes.  Most of the tools were actually purchased back when I was planning my wedding, and as you can see, they still come in handy today!  So don't feel too bad if you need to purchase a tool or two - whether you are an avid crafter or just getting started, you will use these tools time and time again!  Just imagine how many cards are in your future with just these handful of items!  I was able to throw these together while watching some of my favorite mindless tv shows, and now I'm so relieved that it's one less thing I'll need to worry about before baby!  Hopefully this has inspired some of you to also create your own cards!  So tell us, what cards are you now planning to craft?!

- M

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cake Pop Creation: Watermelons!

The TSN gals are always dreaming up new ways to incorporate some of our favorite standards into our entertaining plans. Since everyone loves a cake pop, I wanted to create a simple, yet summery new pop to delight our friends at seasonal gatherings while not spending too much time slaving over an intricate design. Introducing: watermelon cake pops!

Monday, July 15, 2013

60-Second Manicure Rescue

We've all been there. You get a fresh mani that looks amazing for a couple of days...

At-home manicure, Day Two

...but eventually, the chips sneak in and destroy everything:
Day Seven: Still not terrible for a week, but it's time for it to go!

What's a gal to do when you have an important date or meeting and need to whip those nails into shape, but don't have time for a full manicure? It's time to unleash the 60-Second Manicure Rescue!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mama needs a... mocktail!

Hey Gals!

There are many things I’ve been missing since I found out I was pregnant, and being able to enjoy a cocktail is certainly one of them! I’m someone who loves to go out to dinner and part of that has always been a nice drink to go with my meal. I’ve never been a soda drinker and iced tea is off limits because of the caffeine, so I’ve found that my drink options are very limited as a pregnant person. While I’m happy to sip some water on the side, I’ve really been missing what I call “a special drink” to help me feel fancy when I’m out to eat. With the exception of some of the nicer restaurants I’ve visited during this pregnancy, I’ve found that special, non-alcoholic drinks are typically not part of many menus, and I’m usually met with a blank stare when I ask what sort of virgin cocktails they offer. After a couple of disappointing Shirley Temples and PiƱa Coladas, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and develop some killer mocktails that I could not only enjoy at home, but also provide to the bartender when out to eat! Each of these can be easily adapted to include alcohol by just adding the spirit of your choice if you are able to imbibe.  But even if you aren't pregnant, consider embracing the mocktail!  Whether you are counting calories or dollars, they are great alternatives when you want something a little fancier than plain old water or seltzer!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Easy Steps: A Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Now that summer weather has finally arrived, it's brought along the harsh humidity that makes my hair freak out and causes me to race to yank my hair back into a ponytail as quickly as possible. Luckily, we have a new alternative to share that will keep you feeling cool in the summer and that looks a bit more chic than your classic pony. 

The fishtail braid has had a resurgence of popularity over the past few months, and has been spotted on both the streets and on more than a few celebrity manes:

Ri-Ri, Blake Lively (a.k.a. Mrs. Ryan Reynolds/Serena van der Woodsen), and North West's mama are all fishy fans!
 It can be pulled tightly to give it an edgier look (a la Rihanna), or puffed out like Blake and Kim to look beachy and carefree (of course, we know that sometimes it takes a little bit of work to achieve that "effortless" look!). I was intimidated by the fishtail braid at first because it looked like it would be complicated to execute, but I promise that if you can do a classic three-part braid, you can definitely master the fishtail! All it takes is learning these five easy steps, so let's jump right in:

Monday, July 8, 2013

Post It, Pin It, Insta It, Tweet It, LOVE IT!

Happy Monday, Gals!

We hope you had an absolutely lovely holiday weekend filled with fantastic food and drinkspatriotic style, and all those you love. You may have noticed recently that The Sequin Notebook has been expanding beyond the blogosphere and popping up all over - to follow us and keep up with TSN everywhere you go (and to provide a handy Monday distraction!), we've compiled a list of our official sites. Click the icons below to check them out!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Star-Spangled Wishes

Happy 4th of July from
The Sequin Notebook!

Wishing you lots of sparklers and fireworks this independence day!

Xoxo The Gals

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