Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day to Night Nails: Jagged Edge Manicure

Last week, I painted my nails a neutral pale pink - it was a pretty, professional look for the office, but since I had a three-day weekend filled with fun plans, I thought my nails needed a little more pizzazz. However, my neutral manicure was in great shape and did not have many chips, so I was hesitant to completely remove it. 

Enter the Jagged Accent Nail manicure.

I love fun nail art designs, but I don't always have the patience (or artistic skills) to pull them off. The beauty of doing an accent nail is that you only need to focus on 2 out of the 10 nails, and the rest can be polished normally and quickly! Instead of simply painting the accent nails a different color, I decided to add a slight design element by using two of my trusty crafting sidekicks: Scotch tape and pinking shears. 

Tape and pinking shears: The only supplies you'll need to create this mani (other than your polishes, of course!)
I started out with all of my nails painted in the same conservative, work-appropriate color.

Pretty, but in need of a little extra fun to kickstart the weekend!
Using my sawtoothed pinking shears, I cut a piece of tape and placed the jagged edge about halfway down the nail of each of my ring fingers. I love using these scissors because the wavy cut will always be very precise.

Make sure you firmly press the tape down around the nail, so that no extra paint creeps under the edges.
I selected a metallic silver for the main color of my accent nail, and used it to paint the bottom portion of those nails. I slowly peeled the tape away (make sure you pull it from side to side, instead of up and down) and was left with a pink/silver split nail. To further emphasize the jagged division between the silver and pink sections, I selected an electric blue polish (with a thin applicator brush specifically designed to create nail art) and carefully traced the outline between the two colors.

To add a little extra sparkle, I covered up any minor chips and imperfections on the non-accent nails by adding a pink glitter tip, which is one of my favorite easy manicure fixes

With just a few simple touch-ups, my neutral pink nails went from a board room presentation to a fun night out on the town in just a few minutes. I'm often time-strapped, so I love quick fixes that don't require me to take off all of my polish and start over from the very beginning!

What's your favorite way to take your nails from day to night?



  1. This is so cute and edgy! Loved your previous suggestion of the glitter tips....looks cool, and takes care of those annoying tip chips!

    1. The glitter tip is such a quick fix - I'm usually too lazy to completely redo my polish, so that definitely saves me some time!

  2. How pretty! You have some patience girl! I would have messed that up and got frustrated after the second nail :-) The end result is worth it though!

    1. Thank you! But believe me, I have no talent for drawing or painting so if I can do this, anyone can :)

  3. Sparkles, sparkles, and more sparkles!!!! I can't do nail art. I suck. My nails look like crap after any attempt. haha

    1. Haha well this is about as fancy as I get with my nails - I'm always impressed when other people are able to create really intricate designs!


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