Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday {January 31, 2014}

It's Friday, which means that it's time for us to link up with Darci, Natasha, April, and Christina to share five things we're loving this week!

1) New nail candy

Thanks to a Sephora gift card, I was able to treat myself to a little online shopping spree - it's no surprise that I had to pick up a few new polishes! After hearing M rave about it, I finally had to purchase my own bottle of Butter London's Wallis. Additionally, I picked up two Illamasqua polishes - Rain Drops (a sheer light gray with a very subtle sparkle) and Speckle (true to its name, it is a speckled lilac polish, and we all know how much I love a speckled polish). I was first introduced to Illamasqua when M bought me a deep midnight blue polish called Phallic a couple of years ago - they have some really beautiful colors, so check them out on Sephora!

2) Check one 2014 resolution off the list...

One of my 2014 New Year resolutions is to go on more vacations - well, my first vacation of the year is officially booked and coming up very quickly! In just a couple of weeks, I will be escaping the icy streets of New York City and lounging on the Floridian coast! I'm sooooo ready for a full week of relaxation and sunny skies.

3) My annual Valentine candy hunt

With Valentine's Day only two weeks away, my annual hunt for Brach's small conversation hearts is in full swing. You might say, "But B, there's no need for a search, there are conversation hearts in every drugstore and supermarket!"- well, they are usually the Sweethearts brand, which just will not do (they're just not the same, am I right?). I usually manage to track down the elusive Brach's every year, though it's never an easy task. I see that Amazon is currently selling an 8 oz. bag for $7.50 each - that's about $6 more than it should be, so I'll keep searching until I am reunited with my chalky candy crush this year! The hunt is on!

4) Movie sneak peek

I was invited to a free advance screening of Labor Day at the beginning of the week. While certain parts were a bit sappy (and spoiler alert: my planner brain was freaking out about the shoddy, impulsive planning that went into their ill-fated escape plot), it was a treat to have a free movie date with a friend, and there were a couple of twists that took me by surprise. 

However, the real highlight was when I received this: 

Yes, we all received a free packet of tissues for the movie. My packet was still intact by the end, but where was this idea during Titanic when I really needed it for one of Kate's movies??

5) M's birthday!
Join me in giving M a big birthday shout-out filled with sequins and love!
As she mentioned last week, M's birthday is right around the corner (in fact, it's tomorrow). I am so incredibly lucky that we've been best friends for over 15 years (wow, time flies!) and co-bloggers at The Sequin Notebook for almost a year. We had literally talked for years about writing a blog together, and I'm thrilled that we finally took the plunge last spring - it's so much fun to have a joint project to work on together, especially since we're not living in the same city anymore.

The birthday gal is a master at mixes (of both the music and cocktail variety), she has a fierce accessory collection (which reminds me, I still need to return one of her bracelets that I borrowed...), and she is an expert at deciphering and responding to cryptic boy text messages (there is no way I could navigate the dating world without her input!). 

Basically, M is the best friend a gal could ever have and she deserves an amazing, sequiney birthday! Happy birthday, M!



  1. Hooray for nail candy and reservations for Florida!! :) ... Happy Birthday, M!! Hope it's a fabulous one!!

    1. I'm counting the days to can't come soon enough!

  2. oh my heavens your blog background just made my day! ps you can always add me in your luggage when you head to Florida! haha

    1. That's so sweet - thank you! The background is a photo of the cover of the real sequin notebook that inspired our blog name :)

  3. YAY for your vacay!! Pumped for you! I could use some summer weather in my life (though I have enjoyed the southern style snow days this week ;))!!!! I cannot wait to see Labor Day...eeeeee! Love me some Kate Winslet! xx

    1. Kate is SO good in Labor Day...she really elevates the material!

  4. I am obsessed with butter nail polish! Especially the top coat it is hands down my favorite!

    1. Oooohhh I haven't tried their top coat yet, thanks for the tip! I also really love Butter's No More Waity, Katie - such a pretty, glimmering lilac!


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