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Just Us Gals: B's New Year Resolutions

Happy 2014! While 2013 definitely had lots of amazing moments that I never could have planned at the beginning of the year (such as becoming a godmother to Baby M and meeting my celebrity crush, Michael Buble), I always like to prepare for starting a new year off on the right foot by making resolutions. Yes, it's difficult to stick to them but there is something about the clean slate of the new year that makes me feel like the possibilities for a fresh start are endless! I'm usually most successful with resolutions that I can break down into small, doable chunks and that someone can hold me accountable for; therefore, I'm sharing a few of my resolutions with you so that when I report back on my progress on a quarterly basis, you can call me out on the things I've let slide! Here are a few of my 2014 resolutions:

* Go on more vacations.
Can I please go back there right now?
Might as well start with a fun resolution! Last year, I spent an amazing week exploring Los Angeles and San Francisco with a few great friends, and it made me realize once again how important it is to take time to disconnect from regular life to relax and discover something new. While I would love to be more of a world jetsetter, I'd settle for a few long weekends over the summer and one or two larger trips that require flying. Let the planning begin!

* Cut out alcohol on weekdays.
A little day drinking after meeting Michael Buble - hey, I needed something to calm myself down!
 This is a difficult resolution for me, as I clearly enjoy a delicious cocktail and a relaxing glass of wine. However, those calories quickly add up and I'd like to reduce my intake, so my goal is to only drink alcohol on the weekends and/or when there is a special weekday outing. Yes, it may be less fun to reach for water instead of Pinot Grigio during a Wednesday night date with a ridiculous movie, but now that I'm in my 30s I'm trying to focus on making healthier choices!

* Implement a "no spending week" every month.
Hang on to that cash.
While reading The Frugalista Files, I was impressed by the author's quest to go a month without spending any money (except on minimal essentials, such as groceries). While I lack the desire or willpower to go without any pleasure spending for an entire month, I've decided to adapt her project for my lifestyle by implementing one "no spending week" every month - for one week, there will be no morning lattes from Starbucks, no coworker lunch dates, no mani/pedis, no Urban Outfitters clearance rack shopping sprees, and no pricey happy hours. Instead, I'll spend that week catching up on my reading, inviting friends over for a movie, trying out a new Pinterest recipe, and taking a new class at the gym. I hope this resolution will make me more mindful of wasteful spending, while encouraging me to seek out new opportunities for entertainment.

I mentioned this resolution to a friend on New Year's Eve who immediately told me about an art gallery that stays open late on Fridays and serves free wine (yes, Friday counts as a weekend night). Looks like I already have an event to kickstart my January "no spend week"!

* Be a game show contestant.
I'm ready to spin that wheel!
One of my friends appeared on (and won!) Wheel of Fortune last year, which has inspired me to go on a game show of my own! Ideally, it would be one that tapes in New York which somewhat limits my options, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a good opportunity. As a former actress, it would be so much fun just to appear on television, plus I may actually win some money and prizes, so it sounds perfect!

* Improve my fitness routine.
That perennial favorite...
This resolution is topping many lists once again this year, and mine is no exception. My mini-resolutions to accomplish this larger one include:

- Exercising in the mornings before work.
- Trying a spin class (I'm scared of spin, but it's the only morning class offered at my gym).
- Planning my work outs in advance by registering for classes at my gym.
- Meeting up with a friend to work out (which could also help me socialize during a "no spend week" - I love multi-tasking with resolutions!)

* Cook more.
This was taken in the kitchen of M's old apartment - she did her best to domesticate me!
I've never been a big fan of cooking. It doesn't come naturally to me, it's time consuming, it makes a big mess, and it feels like a lot of effort to cook for just one person. However, I've realized that by increasing the amount of meals I cook, I can save a lot of money while having more control over what's going into my body (yes, it only took me 30 years to realize this). My plan is to spend some time one day a week (probably Sunday) making one dish that I can break into portions so that I can freeze some and bring some into work (like a soup, or a quinoa salad), and making a second, more ambitious dish for dinner. I've already selected my recipes (thanks, Pinterest) and made my shopping list for this weekend's cooking, so this resolution is off to a good start.

* Be a more supportive friend and family member.
Looking forward to making more great memories with these people in 2014!

I always try to make my friendships a priority, but it can be tough to keep up with all the people we care about due to everyone's jobs, obligations, and busy schedules. My goal for 2014 is to say yes to more invitations and spend more time with the people I care about, and to be better at calling, e-mailing, and planning visits with the people who live farther away. I keep this goal on my resolution list every year as a reminder of how important it is to show the people I care about how much they mean to me.

I'll be back in early April with my first quarterly progress report! What are your 2014 resolutions? Did any of mine make your list?



  1. Good luck with your resolutions, B! You obviously gave this a lot of thought...these are all really great ideas!

    1. Thank you...hopefully, I'll have some good progress to report in April!


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