Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday {February 7, 2014}

Hey Gals! Happy Friday and cheers to surviving another week! And with another week down, it means another linkup with Gals Darci, Natasha, April, and Christina to share five things we're loving this week! Hope everyone has had a fabulous week and an even more fab weekend ahead!

1. Snow Day
Winter Wonderland right in my own backyard!

This week brought another couple of snow days to the northeast.. and while I'm pretty over this miserable cold weather, the extra snow did mean that I was able to work from home for a couple days and enjoy some extra snuggle time with Baby M!  Also, I can't possibly be too mad at the snow when it looks so beautiful in my backyard!

2. Winter Cocktails
A couple of these almost makes the winter bearable!

GG clearly knows me very well, as one of my birthday gifts was a copy of the book Winter Cocktails.  It basically combines two of my very favorite things - cocktails and beautiful recipe/coffee table books! And after all of the snow we've been getting, I'd say one of the many hot toddy type recipes in the book is the perfect accompaniment to being stuck in doors!  I can't wait to start sampling the recipes and promise many cocktail reviews in the near future!!

3. Date Night Birthday Dinner
Char Steakhouse in Red Bank, NJ - can't wait for my fancy date night!

I'm sure you're probably sick of hearing about my birthday, but allow me to squeeze in one last thing!  My original birthday plans had to shift to this coming weekend, which has given me an extra week to be excited for it!  GG is taking me out for cocktails and a fancy dinner, and while that probably doesn't sound too exciting to most, it's just what this mama needs!  It's been a long time since we've been able to go out to dinner just the two of us (or actually, out to dinner at all!) and I can't wait for some delicious food and even more delicious wine.  My parents have graciously offered to watch Baby M, which means that GG get to have a date night and birthday celebration all in one.  

4. Coconut Oil
It only looks no frills!

While I'm certainly not the first gal to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon, I definitely get why I've suddenly been seeing it mentioned everywhere.. this stuff is awesome!  I recently purchased a huge tub of it off of amazon (for less than eleven it!) and I've been pretty much covering myself with it every since.  It's an amazing moisturizer, and super safe to use since it's all natural.  My new favorite trick is mixing it in with some of my more expensive moisturizers and lotions to extend the life of them. Plus it really makes my skin feel amazing post shower, even in this harsh winter season.

5. Adventures in Making Baby Food - Success!
Keep it coming Mom!

As a follow-up to my last Five on Friday, my first round of homemade baby food has been a huge success!  I started with pureed apple, and Baby M loves it!  I mixed it in with a little oatmeal cereal and I pretty much can't spoon it into his mouth quick enough.  Once he overcame a small learning curve of getting used to eating from a spoon, he became a champion eater and now I look forward to our nightly cereal date together!



  1. Yay for snow, days and winter cocktails!! And your sweet boy melts my heart :) happy weekending! Xo

    1. Thanks! I can never resist that little cereal face so I just had to include! Happy Weekend to you too!

  2. I've been wanting to try coconut oil. I know, I am a little late to the party, ha. Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

    1. Welcome - always excited for new readers! And you should definitely check out the coconut oil, it's so cheap yet feels so luxurious!

  3. I love coconut oil. I cook with it all the time instead of olive oil/butter/etc. and use it for my dry skin as well. It's awesome!!! Happy Friday, doll. Xx.

    1. I haven't tried cooking with it yet, but that's my next plan! I've heard it's delicious and a bit healthier than the alternatives. Thanks for stopping by - happy weekend!

  4. OMG I love coconut oil too! I borrowed some from my sister in law a few months ago and have been in love ever since!

    1. There really are so many great uses for it and it's been a life saver during this brutal winter!


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