Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day for the Single Gal

People usually fall into one of two camps on Valentine's Day - you either love it or you hate it, and very few people fall in between. As a certified single gal, you may assume that I hate Valentine's Day because I don't have someone special to share it with...while it's true that it can sometimes bring up feelings of loneliness, I still love the holiday because it celebrates all kinds of love.

And yes - it gives me a feeling of hope about romantic love, too. I'm a secret sappy romantic optimist!

(Though for the record, I still hate New Year's Eve, which is another divisive holiday!).

Anyway, just because you're between boyfriends on February 14th doesn't mean you shouldn't have a fantastic night! Here are three of my favorite ways to spend Valentine's Day as a single gal.

1) Comedy show

I have to admit, I'm usually scared of comedy shows and try to hide in the back so that I don't get picked on, but last year I went with a big group of friends and we had a blast! The show focused on the absurdities of relationships and heartbreaks, which was a nice reminder that other people have trouble in love too and that all we can really do is laugh about it until the right person comes along. This is a great option if you want to avoid romantic couples out on dates, since it tends to attract a single (and more casual) crowd. If you're really feeling bold, there are also shows where audience members are encouraged to share their tales of heartache, so now you can gain the approval and agreement of complete strangers that yes, your ex-boyfriend really is a major jerk and you're better off without him! 

2) Old-fashioned sleepover

Back in middle school, a sleepover with your best friends was considered a major night out, so try reviving it now that there are no parents to tell you when to go to bed, you can Netflix any movies you want, and you can have wine with your pizza. Throw on some comfortable pajamas and spend a relaxing night in with your girlfriends - to set the mood for the evening, consider watching some sleepover classics (my friends and I were always partial to Empire Records and Clueless), trying out some home remedy beauty treatments, and perhaps even baking some Valentine-themed cookies.

Image by Nicole Danielson via Flickr
A Valentine cocktail is the perfect addition to this holiday sleepover, so mix up a batch of our Love Potion Martini for the ladies (just make sure you don't make any sleepover prank calls after a couple of cocktails...remember how much fun those were pre-caller ID?).

3) Swanky night out on the town

Is a fancy dinner out at a trendy restaurant while wearing a fierce dress what you really have your heart set on this Valentine's Day? Don't let all those couples out there deter you from treating yourself to a special night out - grab your closest gals and make a group reservation at that new tapas place you've been meaning to try, and get all dolled up in your cutest new outfit. Besides, you never know who you may bump into on your way to the restaurant, so there is no harm in looking your best!

No matter what you wind up doing this Valentine's Day, a single gal's friends are what truly make any night memorable. You may not have a man by your side this year but as long as your ladies are around, you have a reason to party it up this Valentine's Day.

Just a few of the ladies who make my Valentine's Day (and many other days!) a lot more fun!
This year is a little different for me because my vacation falls over VDay, so I plan to ring in the holiday by lounging on the beach. How will you be celebrating this year?



  1. Such a great post!! I'm married, but I'm still all about a good ole fashioned sleepover!! :) Happy Thursday, pretty lady!!

    1. Cozy pajamas, yummy snacks, silly movies, and good girl talk...what could be better? :)

  2. Such great ideas! I love seeing ideas for single girls too, I feel like Valentine's day definitely shouldn't be only all about couples. :)

    1. Coupled up or single, there's definitely a way for everyone to enjoy the holiday! Thanks for stopping by!


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