Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Which Bublé Gal Are You - The Ultimate Valentine's Day Playlist

Cupid may be the official mascot of Valentine’s Day, but here at The Sequin Notebook, we prefer to honor our ultimate crush and celebrity valentine – Michael Bublé! I challenge you to find a more debonair, charming, dreamboat of a valentine – it’s not possible! And I certainly can’t think of a more perfect holiday than Valentine’s Day to feature his musical stylings! His music pretty much suits any mood or situation you may find yourself in this Valentine’s Day. The Gals will obviously be playing his entire collection throughout the holiday (and let’s be honest, every day after that as well..), but in case you are looking to narrow down your mixy selections, we’ve come up with the ultimate Michael Bublé Valentine’s Day song list, with a little something for every Gal out there.
Yes Michael, we will be your Valentine!

The “Over His Nonsense” Gal:
Cry Me a River 

The “Object of His Affection” Gal:
I’m Your Man 

The “Grass is Always Greener” Gal:
Who's Lovin You 

The “Secret Crush” Gal:
You Don’t Know Me 

For the “Better Off Without You” Gal:
Beautiful Day 

For the “Lucky in Love” Gal:
I’ve Got It Easy 
We'll be any Gal you want us to be Michael!

For the “Bad Boy Lover” Gal:
Call Me Irresponsible 

For the “Still in Love After All These Years” Gal:
Song for You 

The “Down and Out” Gal:

The “Lost Love” Gal:
At This Moment 

For the “Best Friend Turned Boyfriend” Gal:

For the “Happily Married” Gal:
Crazy Love 

For the “Long Distance Lovers” Gal:

The "Cougin" Gal:
You Make Me Feel So Young

For the “Newly Single and Ready to Conquer the World” Gal:
Feelin’ Good 

For the “Scandalous Love Affair” Gal:
Me and Mrs. Jones 
"Loungey in Bed with Buble" Gal

For the “Hopeless Romantic” Gal:
Haven’t Met You Yet 

The "Heart Breaker" Gal:
Heartache Tonight

The “Moves Too Fast” Gal:
Something Stupid 

The “Love To Be in Love” Gal:
To Be Loved 

The “Make It or Break It” Gal:
Hold On 

As hard as it is to limit myself to just one, I’d say Crazy Love fits me best, though that certainly won’t stop me from listening to the entire list! Any other Bublé Gals out there? Which one are you this Valentine’s Day? 

- M

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  1. So many of these apply but if I had to choose the one that suits me most, it would have to be "Haven't Met You Yet"- but of course, I love them all!


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