Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday {March 7th}

Hey Gals!  After a crazy week, I'm a little late getting up my five faves of the week, but better late than never!  As always, we thank Gals Darci, Natasha, April, and Christina for hosting this fabulous linkup - it gives us another reason to loooove Friday!  Happy Weekend Gals!

Gals Christmas

Baby M was very excited to celebrate Gals Christmas with Aunt B!
This past weekend it was Christmas in March as B and I finally had our long awaited Gals Christmas extravaganza!  Our celebration was severely delayed this year due to some sickness and then just very packed calendars (after all we were both pretty busy getting ourselves new jobs!).  But as it would turn out, the delay actually worked out pretty well because we got to extend the holiday season all the way into March, with lots of cocktails, Bublé’s Christmas album and presents!! 

My fave rosé

Today marks the end of my first week at the new job and I fully plan to celebrate with a movie (see also: #4!) and a big glass (or two) of my favorite rosé.  If you aren’t much of a rosé fan or just group it together with white zinfandel, then I urge you to give this one a try!  It may be more of a summer wine, but I love it so much that I sip it all year long.  It’s crisp and refreshing but still pretty dry, which means you can easily put back the bottle pretty quickly.  It also pairs nicely with food, so feel free to enjoy with your favorite nibbles (my current favorite is the tex mex trail mix from Target!)

The return of The Voice

The Voice is definitely my singing competition of choice and I was thrilled for its return last week.  And the blind auditions are my absolute favorite (and I must confess there are times I get choked up seeing the reactions of the family members who look on as the singer gets that elusive chair turn!)  And I’m excited for the newer judges to be back this season since Shakira is my favorite one (well my favorite as far as the coaching is concerned.. Adam obviously is my fave to look at!)

Hunger Games – Catching Fire

As I mentioned above, I’m looking forward to kicking off the weekend with a movie night.  I’m a huge fan of the Hunger Games trilogy, but sadly have not yet seen Catching Fire!  When it came out in the theaters this past fall, Baby M was still a newborn and scheduling a date night to go and see it was pretty impossible.  Fast forward and it’s finally out on video and demand and I cannot wait to watch tonight!

Return of RHoNYC

The ladies of the big apple are returning this coming Tuesday and I for one cannot wait!  Bravo recently aired a sneak peek special on the upcoming season and it looks as juicy and dramatic as ever.  Honestly, based just on the taglines alone, this season looks like it’s set to be the best one yet (and stay tuned for B and I to give the full run down on the taglines and our thoughts on who nailed it and who totally flopped!)


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  1. M, I'm a big Voice fan as well! I need to enjoy the next ep with your wine rec! Btw, Baby M can't possibly get any cuter!!! :)


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