Monday, March 10, 2014

Our Sequiney Blog Makeover!

Notice anything different about The Sequin Notebook today?

Perhaps a sequin here, a dot there, and lots of pretty pink and gold fonts all over...

You guessed it (or perhaps you just read the title of this post) - we finally did our blog makeover!

As we hinted back in this post, we've been working behind the scenes to jazz up TSN and give it a fresh, beautiful look. While we had been chatting about it for several months, the idea really came to fruition around the holidays. We always buy each other fabulous Christmas gifts but this year, we decided to do something a little different by combining our gift money to fund our blog makeover. It was better than anything Santa could fit in our stockings, and we were both so excited to make our blog design dreams come true.

Of course, we decided we had to get each other something to unwrap last weekend at Gals Christmas (yes, we had Christmas in March this year - what can we say, we are very busy gals!).

Enter: The Dollar Tree.

We've mentioned a few times that we're obsessed with this discount store, and have turned to it many times for our party planning and crafting needs. For Christmas gifts this year, we both went on Dollar Tree shopping sprees and bought each other exactly 10 items so that we could unwrap some gifts while saving up for our blog redesign. Some of the gifts were practical, some were crafty, and some were hilarious jokes that made us laugh all day! We had so much fun with our Dollar Tree gift exchange that we've agreed that it must be a new annual holiday tradition.

Of course, our big gift has now finally arrived - our gorgeous new blog design! Don't you just love the sparkly sequins and the touches of glitter? We're pretty obsessed with it.

Our blog makeover was made possible by the fabulous Carrie Loves Design Studio. Not only is Carrie an extremely talented designer who truly understood the feeling and concept we were aiming for, but she was also fast and efficient (plus she responded to all of our many questions and was able to accommodate our little tweaks and changes without any issues). We are so thrilled with the final product, and we highly recommend that you visit Carrie's Etsy shop if you are in the market for any blog upgrades.

Thanks to this sparkly new blog design (plus 20 Dollar Tree treats), we've received everything we ever wished for this Gals Christmas!

What do you think of our new look? We feel oh-so-pretty and fancy with our makeover!

The Gals


  1. Wow, this is beautiful!! LOVE your new look, Gals!! :)

  2. Looking good Gals!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, GG - glad to see that you've mastered the comment form!

  3. Looks so good, girlie! cheers!!!!! xx


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