Monday, March 24, 2014

Party Planner: The 10th Anniversary of My 21st Birthday

Let's face it - once you get past the excitement surrounding a milestone 30th birthday, turning 31 can feel like a bit of a let-down. Last year, my birthday party featured a super fun 13 Going on 30 theme complete with its own retro cassette tape logo and a youthful yellow/pink color scheme that was incorporated into the decor, cake pops, favors, and custom guest book (yes, I may have gotten a little carried away!). Since 31 isn't a "special" birthday like 30, I wasn't planning to go all out with the party prep like I did last year but I still wanted to come up with a fun theme...

After getting over the initial shock that I turned 21 ten long years ago, I realized that this anniversary theme would be the perfect way to gently poke fun at my (slightly) advanced age! Of course, M and I started to think about what kind of small favor could tie into this theme...we realized that while we're exactly the same now as we were at 21 in many ways, we now usually need a slightly longer recovery time the day after a big night out (I definitely miss the way we could rally back in college!). In order to help our fellow thirty-something partygoers with this issue, we assembled a small kit to help them get back on their feet the morning after my party.

Morning after essentials: Breath mints, throat drops, bandages, and Tylenol
We decided on a color palette of orange, teal, and gold, and then M got to work on crafting some printables for these care packages. We used a round tag on the outside of the bag that stated the party theme, and a little card inside explaining why the items were included and thanking the guests for attending the party.

Don't you just love the cute retro cocktail glass background?

(I think this is the first time my real name has been revealed on the blog haha! It's a little glimpse behind the TSN curtain!)

If you'd like to create these tags and cards for your own party, M has provided free downloadable templates for you:

Once we finished our last-minute crafting, M and I were just about ready to hit the town and get the party started! Before we jumped in a cab, she gave me some very sweet gifts and the gemmiest, most sequiney card I've ever seen in my life:

So. many. GEMS!

Both of us decided to borrow dresses from Rent the Runway for the party - I loved my bright orange dress, which went perfectly with the orange/teal/gold necklace that M let me borrow (hey, I needed to represent the party colors!). 

The Gals have arrived!

We had a fantastic turnout with lots of lovely friends joining us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday. Even though I'm now 31 and usually ready to head home on the earlier side, I'm happy to report that we closed the bar down at 4:00 - I think our 21-year-old selves would have been proud of us (oh, and then we treated ourselves to a little post-party McDonald's, which never tastes better than it does on your way home from a fun night out!).

And one last just wouldn't be a TSN party if we didn't sparkle from head to toe.

B's glitzy rose gold pump and M's black confetti glitter pump (apologies for the poor iPhone quality!)

What's your favorite party theme for a non-milestone birthday?



  1. Fun theme, and great ideas, as usual! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time :)

    1. Thanks - everyone seemed to have lots of fun, including the birthday girl :)

  2. Such a fun theme!! I may steal this when I turn 31 :)

    1. Steal away! All of the guests seemed to find it very funny!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! What a perfect party theme!!! :-)

  4. Love that theme idea!!! How did you like Rent the Runway?

    1. I had another great experience with Rent the Runway! I've been a client since 2010 and have always received excellent customer service from them. This dress was a great fit but in the past when a certain dress didn't quite work for me, they shipped me a different one right away in time for my event. I'm already planning my next rental for an engagement party next month!


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