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Party Planner: Fun and Sassy Baby Shower Games, Part 2

Hey, remember that time that we played some fun and sassy games at M's Glitzy Blue Baby Shower? Well, we had so much fun that when a loyal TSN reader (who happens to be one of my closest friends) announced she was pregnant with a baby girl, I was happy to assist with the shower planning by creating some awesome games for the group.

Once again, I followed the same mantra that guided me through planning M's shower games - it's most important to keep the guest of honor's preferences in mind, while also trying to make all of the guests feel comfortable. If any of these games strike your fancy, feel free to play them at your next baby shower - free downloadable templates of the game sheets are available at the end of the post!

The first game that I came up with was Mommy Brain.

This fast-paced game was an easy icebreaker for the crowd. It involves multiple-choice trivia questions related to baby items, such as how many diapers a baby typically goes through in a year (spoiler: A LOT!). As the gamemaster (I can never resist hamming it up), I read the questions out loud and people filled in the game sheets with their answers. It's a fun game for guests of all ages, and you can easily Google plenty of baby trivia questions to suit your party.

The second game is one that you may recognize from M's Glitzy Blue Baby Shower - Mommy or Daddy? 

Before the shower, I spoke with the mothers of the parents-to-be to ask questions about what they were like as children. I read each question to the guests, and they had to write down if it referred to the mom-to-be (Mommy) or the dad-to-be (Daddy). Some of the questions included:

- Whose least favorite food was mashed potatoes as a small child? (Daddy)
- Who loved to count cars and trucks on the way to nursery school? (Mommy)
- Who was scared on monsters in the closet? (Mommy)
- Whose birthday will be closer to the baby's? (Daddy)

Once again, this game was a big crowd-pleaser, especially with some of the older family members. The questions made them reminisce about the parents-to-be as young children, which led to some fun (and juicy!) stories. It was a great way to share some fond memories and learn a few fun facts about the new Mommy and Daddy!

We rounded out the games with a new spin on an old classic - Baby Bingo.

In order to give the guests an activity during the present portion of the day, I designed a bingo board that coordinated with the other game sheets. To add a slight strategic element, every guest was able to fill in her own board with the presents that she predicted Mommy would receive (and in case anyone needed some inspiration, I also provided a word bank of suggestions that could be used to fill in the boxes).

Of course, there need to be some prizes for the victors of the games (now I feel like I'm competing in The Hunger Games)! Each winner received 3 Bath and Body Works products:

- A hand soap in an autumnal scent (the shower took place in September...oops, it took me a little longer than expected to get to this post!)
- A candle in a coordinating autumnal scent
- A pink travel hand sanitizer

Each hand soap was adorned with hot pink ribbon and a custom tag designed by M specifically for this shower. The items were then wrapped up in sparkly tissue paper, put in a clear gift bag, and tied with pink/silver satin ribbon as well as "It's a Girl" curling ribbon. Additional custom tags were placed on the outside of the gift bags.

If you'd like to play these games at your next baby shower, download our free templates:

Mommy Brain

Which game is your favorite? Will you be playing any of these at your next baby shower?



  1. I love the Mommy or Daddy game! That can certainly spark some fun stories and memories :) Everything looks so pretty as well...def nicer and more personal than the pre-packaged stuff!

    1. The best thing about the downloadable game sheets is that each one can be edited/personalized for your shower, so you can plug in the guest of honor's name :)

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