Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Resolutions: 1st Quarter Check-In

Can you believe that it's already April? While the weather up here has unfortunately still been feeling like January, it's time for our first check-in on our 2014 New Year resolutions (remember those?). Let's see how we're stacking up so far…

 (Catch up with B's 2014 resolutions here) 

Let's start with the resolutions that are going well, shall we? My first resolution was to take more vacations, and that one is off to a great start! I've already taken a week-long beach vacation in Florida and I have a girls' trip to Vegas planned for August - yay! I've also been cooking a lot more than I have in the past, which has resulted in saving some money by bringing my lunch to the office instead of buying take-out every day. My secret resolution of finding a new job is another success, as I have just started my new job this week!

I've improved my fitness routine a bit by increasing my work-outs, though I have not started a regular routine of morning exercise and have still not tried a spin class. Cutting out alcohol on weekdays is another resolution that has had mixed results - I've definitely cut back, but have not eliminated it entirely. I vowed to be a more supportive friend and family member this year...I'd like to think that this one is going well, but I know there is always room for improvement.

Finally, I have to hang my head in shame over the following resolutions: implementing a "no spending week" once a month and being a game show contestant. Sadly, I've been a big failure with both of these! I haven't looked into the game show option at all, but hopefully I will make some progress towards this over the next few months. At first I was pretty smug that my "no spending week" would be a snap...after all, how hard can it be to curb extraneous spending for seven measly days? Turns out, it was MUCH more difficult than I had anticipated. I went into January and February with the best of intentions, but I was so unsuccessful both times that I didn't even bother selecting a week in March. However, I want to get back on track in April and hope to have better news for you in my next progress report!

You can catch up with my full resolution post here, but just to refresh, I decided to take a different approach to my resolutions this year and make this the year of Health, Wealth and Happiness!

First up is Health!  Hmm.. it’s a good thing we are doing this check-in because now that I really look at my goals, I didn’t too as well as I originally thought! The area that I did best in was keeping Baby M healthy (which is pretty indicative of my priorities.. gotta put the big boy first!) I’m still going strong with the breastfeeding (thanks Milky!) and I’ve also been successful with only feeding him homemade food! And it’s been well worth it because so far he’s a fantastic eater and we’ve yet to find a fruit or vegetable that he doesn’t love. And another benefit of breastfeeding is that it’s helped me keep my alcohol consumption in check – I rarely drink during the week, and when I do indulge in some wine on the weekends, it truly feels like a well deserved treat! As for the not so successful resolutions, I’ve been horrible with the meal planning and lunch packing. But I still think these are attainable and I started this quarter by getting myself back on track. This past weekend I made a shopping list and spent the whole day Sunday cooking so I’d have meals ready to go for the week. I’d say my biggest failure is in trying to find fun ways to stay active. Other than dancing around the house with Baby M, this horrible winter weather has kept us pretty much indoors so I’m hopeful that Spring will finally bring some warmer weather and get us moving and shaking!

Next we have Wealth.  So has 2014 been the year of riches and fortune thus far?! Not exactly, though I’m happy with the progress I’m making. As I stated above, the meal planning and lunch packing hasn’t been great, but I’m back on track and excited to refocus my goals! Along with that comes my quest for couponing! I’ve been decent about trying to bring coupons with me when grocery shopping, but the area I really excel in is online shopping! Basically if I’m not using a discount code or getting an Ebates kickback, I’m not buying it! I’m also very excited to report that the shop my own closet and cabinets goal has been a win! And actually it’s been a double win because I’ve found some clothes that were previously too snug pre-baby and now fit! So this probably has to be my favorite resolution win, and I’m hoping it continues throughout the year, since there are a still a couple of dresses (with tags still on them) that still can’t quite go into the rotation yet.

And last but not least, Happiness!  Even though I wasn’t able to explicitly include this in the original post, a huge piece of happiness in 2014 was trying to figure out how to balance being a working mom, and I’m HAPPY (see what I did there?!) to report that my new job has genuinely brought a lot of happiness to my life as well as balance. Grill Guy and I have also been able to sneak away for a date night fairly regularly and I’m super excited for an upcoming weekend away we are planning in June for our 5-year wedding anniversary, so I’ll also count this one as a win! Some areas I need to now focus on are finishing up projects and continuing to be a more together me. I think working has absolutely helped me become more put together, but my desperate need to get my roots done indicates that there is room for improvement! And lastly, the blog, blog, blogging! I’m still not posting as regularly as I’d like, but I’ve started to keep a list of future posts and I’m hoping to chip away with them over the next year. Overall though, I’m going to focus on the positive and I’m very pleased with my progress in the first quarter. And that’s why they are called new YEAR resolutions.. we have all year to work on them so let’s focus on the next 3 months and making them the best we possibly can!!

How have you Gals been doing with your New Year Resolutions?  What are your big hits and misses?

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- The Gals


  1. Wow, you gals are doing great!! Maybe I need to start making some more focused resolutions!

    1. Haha well we're trying our best, but there is definitely room for improvement!

  2. Way to go, girls! You should totally join our monthly link up; it's still up and it's the same thing you guys are doing.


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