Thursday, May 22, 2014

1 dress, 3 ways: The ultimate Rent the Runway order

We're all familiar with Rent the Runway by now, right? We've been completely obsessed with it for years, and the company just keeps getting better and better. One of the best things about RTR is that you can borrow a fabulous frock for a special occasion without feeling guilty about only wearing it once. I recently fell in love with this lip print dress by Erin Fetherston - its whimsical kiss pattern seemed appropriately romantic for an upcoming engagement party and at only $35 for a 4-day rental, it couldn't have been a better deal.

Then I started thinking...since I love it so much, why limit this sassy little cocktail dress to only one night out on the town? After all, it had a 4-day date with my closet, so it deserved to be taken out for more than one spin before I had to bid it farewell forever. An idea started hatching that turned into an experiment - could I successfully pull off three different looks with this dress in only one weekend?

A weekend full of kisses: Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon

I'm happy to report that overall, the weekend was a success (though I was definitely ready to finally change into different clothes by Sunday night!). Here's how I was able to make this the ultimate Rent the Runway success story:

On Friday night, I traveled to the Upper East Side for cocktails and dinner with a few girlfriends. This chiffon dress was fairly formal and difficult to dress down, but I did my best by pairing it with:

* black boots * a black belt * a denim jacket * a chunky two-tone pink statement necklace * a gold spikey ring * an oversized hot pink clutch

In addition to these accessories, my fishtail braid also helped lend a more casual vibe. I was concerned that I would do something silly like spill red wine on my dress before the engagement party, so I actually wore the size 2 version of the dress on Friday night and then the size 0 on Saturday and Sunday (Rent the Runway allows you to rent 2 sizes of the same dress for 1 price to ensure a perfect fit - amazing!). Plus I was happy for the roomy fit during dinner, since I maaaaay have slightly overdid it on the pasta!

When Saturday night rolled around, it was time for the main event! I went with a classic straight blow-out and kept my accessories simple with:

pink drop earrings * silver ring * hot pink stilettos * small silver snakeskin clutch * red jacket

I loved mimicking the unexpected pink/red color combination from the dress in my shoes and jacket! I really wanted the fun print of the dress to be the star of the outfit, which is why I shied away from any statement necklaces or fun bracelets. This dress was perfect to dance the night away, and I received many compliments on its unique pattern.

The last day of my rental was Easter Sunday, so I wanted to make the dress a bit more conservative by camouflaging the strapless top. I completed the look with:

a mint green/gold statement necklace * a white headband * tan heels * a white cardigan * a white clutch * a tan cropped jacket

It was a lovely daytime look that still featured the unexpected lip print while making it more appropriately prim for a family brunch.

As if getting three amazing outfits out of one designer dress for $35 wasn't enough, Rent the Runway kindly included a few other goodies in my package.

I received a facial mask sample and coupon, plus an offer to receive $20 off my next RTR order simply by tweeting a photo of my most runway-worthy hair (thank you, engagement party blow-out!). I've received the $20 coupon code so now the only question is...which dress should I rent next? 

How would you like to style this lip dress? Have I convinced you yet to give Rent the Runway a shot?


P.S. Our blogiversary giveaway ends soon - don't miss out on your chance to win! In addition to the previously revealed Essie nail polish, cocktail swatch book, and crafting glitter, a few other items include a craft punch, glitzy sprinkles, and festive flamingo straws - this giveaway is starting to feel like a party! Keep checking back for more sneak peeks!

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  1. Very creative styling!! All the looks were lovely! I do have several occasions coming up...time to give RTR a try :)

    1. Thanks - you should definitely give it a whirl!

  2. very cute dress, just entered the amazing giveaway! xo

    1. Yay, good luck with the giveaway - we're excited that the winner will be selected soon!

  3. I love that way you've styled it! I have not used Rent the Runway but I hear great things :)

    1. You should check it out soon - they always have so many great options!

  4. Such a cute dress! It should be yours. :)


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