Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday {May 9, 2014}

Hey Gals! Happy Friday, and Happy Mother’s Day weekend!  You know we love ourselves a holiday here at TSN, so today’s 5 is all about Mother’s Day Gifts! As a new mom, I’m so excited to celebrate my very first Mother’s Day, and of course, honor my own Mother and Mother-in-Law. The below are a couple of gems I’ve been lusting over along with some great gifts for your own mama. What sort of goodies do you have picked out to honor your mom this year? And for all the mamas out there, am I the only one making a wish list?!

1|Alex and Ani Mom Bracelet
I think I’m a bit late to hop onto the Alex and Ani bandwagon, but after receiving the Sister charm bracelet from my sister Kelsey this past Christmas, I’ve been obsessed and wear it pretty much every single day. I love that it reminds me of my sister every time I look at it, and now that I’m a mom, I’d love to proudly wear the Mom charm alongside it.

2|Nordstrom Tissue Weight Scarf
Bundled up in my favorite scarf for a springtime food festival - and look who we ran into, B's Mom!!
I have a bunch of these scarves that I’ve accumulated over the years and they are pretty much the perfect year round accessory. I live in my black scarf, but love all of the fun colors that it also comes in. And since it’s a light weight cashmere, it’s not only super soft but works for any weather situation. And as an added bonus, whenever I’m wearing one, Baby M always gives me extra snuggles and buries his head deep into it.

3|Cocktail Glasses
I’ve always had an obsession with fancy cocktail glasses (which B can attest for, seeing as she gifted me with crazy beer glasswear as one of my shower gifts!), so I absolutely love these glasses from Monique Lhuillier. A set of these, along with a nice bottle of prosecco is a great gift for any Mom, especially if you include a note that insists it be shared together over some galish conversation!

4|Sly Fox Threads Top Knot Tee
I am absolutely obsessed with this tee ever since coming across it on instragram recently. Since becoming a mom, there hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t pulled my long hair into a big messy bun at the top of my head! And I love a good cheeky saying on a tee, so this was pretty much made for me! And if you are looking for some cute additions for your little one, definitely check out their other products – I basically want one of each for Baby M!!

5|Photo Anything
Thanks Shutterfly - I'll take one of everything!!
Before becoming a mom, I tended to scoff a little bit whenever I’d see a co-worker with their cube decked out with any sort of personalized photo products of their kids, but now.. I can’t get enough of the stuff! I have a photo collage of Baby M as my computer backdrop, and couldn’t wait to make Grill Guy a Baby M mug, which we gifted him this past Christmas. So bring on the photo gifts this year, especially since his little smiling face is the perfect way to brighten up even the most grueling of work days!

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  1. Loving these gift picks! ENJOY your first Mother's Day as a mom!!! xo

  2. LOVE the bracelet! Happy 1st mothers day to you!

  3. i love old school cocktail glasses. also, of course, happy mother's day.

  4. i want that top! haha. my hair never looks good in a top knot, but i still rock it ;) i want all of those scarves now, lol. enjoy your first mothers day!

  5. Ohhhh I love those scarves and they are on sale! I threw my hair up the other and it was like the most perfect top knot of course I can never recreate it but I really wanted to take a pic so I could document the perfection! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  6. Great them all! I'm a huge picture on anything fan as well :) So fun to run into you, Baby M, and Grill guy...hope you all have a wonderful 1st Mother's Day celebration!

  7. Love the bracelet! Hope you enjoy your first Mother's day!

  8. That bracelet is super freaking cute!!

  9. Happy Mother's Day! Love the tee. I can't wait until my hair is long enough again to wear a top knot!

    I'd love for you to come visit and maybe even sign up for my favorite color swap!


  10. I still haven't gotten on the Alex and Ani bandwagon but I want to BAD! Love the ones you have!


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