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Just Us Gals: Mommy Talk

We have to kick off this Mother's Day weekend post by giving thanks to our two fabulous mothers. We love you so much - you're simply the best!

Happy Mother's Day to our TSN moms!
Since we no longer live in the same city, the TSN gals are no strangers to marathon phone conversations (after all, what's better than gabbing with your BFF?). We talk about anything and everything on these calls - even though we're in constant contact over text most days, there is still always a ton of stuff to catch up on during our phone chats! When we're not able to squeeze in a phone date, we have to rely on long email chains back and forth with all of our random thoughts of the day.

Our most frequently used emojis...we literally carry on full conversations entirely in emoji, and I think it's safe to say that not a day goes by that we don't text each other all five of these symbols at some point!

We thought it would be fun to launch a series of mini interviews with each other about some of the topics we explore in our lengthy talks (and if you have any suggestions for the topics of future installments, we'd love to hear your requests!). With Mother's Day just around the corner, we're kicking things off by discussing M's first 8 months as a mother to the amazingly adorable Baby M. Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine), put on some comfy sweats, and join us for some girl talk!

B: You've been a mom for 8 months. What has surprised you most about motherhood so far?
M: I think I’ve been most surprised about how easily I was able to slip into the role of being a mom.  When I was pregnant I was pretty scared that I just flat out wouldn’t be able to do it once Baby M arrived – I felt extremely clueless having never been much of a “kid person” before.  Even after frantically taking some of the infant care classes they held at my hospital (and taking a ridiculous amount of notes which were never to be looked at again!), I remember leaving and saying to Grill Guy, “Is there really going to be a baby here soon?!  And are we ready to be responsible for another living creature?!”  He always responded with the obligatory "Yes," and whether he knew something I didn’t or was just trying to talk me off the ledge, turns out he was right!  You really do learn quickly, and thank goodness for the internet, for those late night moments when I needed reassurance that it was normal that my baby was breathing loudly!

What's your typical daily mom routine?
Baby M usually wakes up anywhere from5-7am, and I feed him.  If it’s a day he goes to daycare, I’ll then let him play for a bit while I get ready, and pack everything up, then get him dressed and it’s out the door!  If it’s a day where he stays with Grandma Grill Guy, he usually will go back down to sleep for his morning nap and then GG brings him to Grandma's house.  I’ve found that the more preparation I put into the night before, the better the morning goes!  This means filling up his bottles and getting his food cubes out of the freezer to thaw overnight.  I usually leave work at around 5:30 to pick him up from either daycare or Grandma.  Daycare days tend to go a bit smoother because it’s only 5 minutes from my house, so we get home nice and early!  Then once we’re home, it’s some playing until around 7, when I feed him either a fruit or vegetable puree.  Then he gets cleaned up and changed, will usually have one more feeding, and then it’s time for bed!  We try to get him down by 8:30 - luckily he’s a great sleeper, and will stay asleep until it’s the morning and time to do the whole routine all over again!
Wow, I'm already tired just listening to your new routine! What are some of your favorite things to do with Baby M?
Probably my most favorite thing is on the rare occasions that he snuggles with me and naps on my chest.  When he was first born, this was the only way he’d sleep but now that he’s a big 8 month old, he usually isn’t too interested in snuggling!  Also, I love our Saturday mornings together.  GG works on Saturdays so it’s just us, and I love the bonding time we get.  Usually after he wakes up from his morning nap, he’s in great spirits, so we’ll play together while I have my coffee and often it turns into a dance party – his favorite tunes to dance to are, of course, Michael Buble!
So much cuteness - Baby M and his mama!

It seriously doesn't get better than a Buble dance party! And since Buble always puts us in a loving mood...are you and Grill Guy able to fit some romantic date nights into your new schedule?
I’d say yes and no on this one.  We’re definitely not those parents that can’t leave our baby, but we really don’t get out that much, unless it’s a planned event that’s been on the calendar for quite some time (meaning it’s been planned out in great detail!).  I’m hoping as Baby M gets a little older, we’ll be able to squeeze in some more date nights, but it definitely makes me more appreciative of the alone timethat GG and I do get together. 
On Valentine’s Day we decided against going out in favor of staying in and cooking together and honestly it was such a fun night.  Baby M must have been feeling the love in the air, because he went to bed early so GG and I were able to have a great night enjoying a fancy meal that we made together.  We ended up sitting and talking for hours over wine and had some much needed adult conversation, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  While on paper it may sound like any old Friday night dinner, we were able to make it count and still have a special night.
What are some of Baby M's latest milestones?
Baby M changes so much, I feel at times like if I blink, I’ll miss something new that he’s doing!  Recently he’s mastered sitting up, and was even able to sit in a shopping cart for the first time this past weekend (which was a huuuuge milestone for me, since it makes shopping a million times easier now!).  He’s also *thisclose* to crawling, so baby proofing the house is definitely at the top of our agenda. 
I can't wait to see him crawling all over the place! I'm sure there are many things to choose from, but what's the most challenging thing about being a new mom?
I think the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make was not being able to just get up and go whenever I please.  Not that I’m this crazy, spontaneous gal who’s always on the go, but I do miss being able to be impulsive.  Back before becoming a mommy (and moving to the suburbs), one of my favorite things was going out to dinner, and GG and I probably went out to eat at least once or twice a week.  Now, it often feels like it takes more coordination than the Superbowl to get out with Baby M.  A large part of this is due to breastfeeding, since I really can’t be out for too long before he either needs to eat or I need to pump.  Unfortunately, I’m just not someone who feels comfortable breastfeeding in public (and no disrespect for those that do) – I wish I could get over my fears, but it’s all about personal comfort levels, so it means I have to plan for shorter trips away from home.   
I've seen you and GG in action when it comes to arranging outings with Baby M, and it's definitely all about the precision! When it's time to kick back and relax, what is your favorite mommy indulgence?
For anyone who’s familiar with this blog, it should come as no surprise that my favorite mommy indulgence is having a good cocktail or glass of wine!  After being pregnant for 9 long months, I definitely missed being able to unwind with an adult beverage, but because I’m breastfeeding, it’s still not something that I can just have whenever I want, so it truly feels like a treat when I do.  Usually during the week I won’t have any drinks so I’m able to breastfeed before Baby M goes to sleep.  But on the weekends, since I’m with him all day, I don’t feel as guilty at night if I end up giving him a bottle of pumped milk so I can indulge in a cocktail or two! 

Auntie B loves quality time with Baby M!

A cocktail is always a favorite indulgence, and you know it makes me soooo happy that you still enjoy them! After all, you may be a mom, but you're still the same crazy gal who has been my BFF since high school! How do you balance your new motherhood priorities with your other responsibilities and interests? 
I probably need to be a bit better about this, but I’d say the biggest thing is that you prioritize what’s important to you.  If it’s not important, it needs to go because there simply isn’t enough time in the day!  My daily routine may not seem like anything crazy, but it seriously ends up eating away at my whole day and doesn’t leave much room for “me” time.  So I try my best to squeeze in the non-baby/family things that I enjoy to do on the weekends, when GG isn’t working, or at night once Baby M has gone to bed.
Well I think you've done a fantastic job of balancing - I really appreciate how you still came to my birthday party this year and deal with all of our crazy daily texts, despite having much more important things to handle! Since this is your first Mother's Day as a mom, how are you planning to celebrate your special day? 
I’m so excited for my very first Mother’s Day!!  I just had one request for Mother’s Day, and that was to have an intimate brunch with just Baby M and Grill Guy before we set about seeing our families.  I don’t know exactly what my two guys have planned, but hopefully it includes some mimosas (and printables!), along with some yummy brunch food.  Then we are making the rounds to see both of our moms during the rest of the day.

Sounds fun - I can't wait to hear what GG and Baby M have in store for you! Ok, here's a tough one - what's the very best thing about being Baby M's mom?
I’m not sure I’d be able to pinpoint one thing over another that’s the best part of being a mom, but I can say that I truly love it so much more than I’d ever imagined I would.  I mentioned above that I’ve never really been a kid person, and truthfully, I found it a bit awkward being around kids and never knew what to do or say.  Turns out it really is different when it’s your own, because I look at Baby M with amazement every single day and can’t believe how lucky I am that he’s my son.  I love experiencing everything new through his eyes, and seeing him grow into a little boy.  And I love the special bond we have, he definitely knows that I’m mommy and seeing him light up when I pick him up after work is one of the best feelings in the world.  

What's your advice for all other new moms out there?
My biggest piece of advice would have to be: do what works for you! I seriously say this all the time, and truly mean it.  Moms can drive themselves absolutely crazy worrying about if they are doing something right compared to others, especially when other moms feel the need to “mommy shame” you about your parenting style.  Every child is different, and every family dynamic is different, and at the end of the day, parenting isn’t always easy, so that’s why I say that you do what you need to do to get through the day, and do what works for you!!

Baby M didn’t start sleeping in his crib until very recently, at 7 months old, and this was only because he outgrew his previous sleeper (a rock ‘n play).  GG and I were constantly getting shamed about him not being in his crib, but I just tuned that out and did what worked for us – he slept great in the rock ‘n play, 
and it allowed us to get a full night’s sleep.  Once he grew out of it, we had one or two rocky nights, but then he adapted to the crib and now that’s where he sleeps.  That’s what worked for us and it was fine!!  So don’t let those little voices make you doubt your parenting style – trust your instincts and do what works for you!

Such good advice for both moms and non-moms - just be yourself and don't let anyone tell you that you're doing it wrong!

Galing it up at Baby M's Baptism

How frequently do you and your best friend stay in touch? Are you both in the same boat when it comes to kids, or are you like us where you're at different stages? Let us know which topic you'd like to see us tackle next in this BFF interview series!

We're wishing our moms and all of the other moms out there a very happy Mother's Day!

The Gals

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