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Five on Friday {June 6, 2014}

Hey Gals!  Today is a very, very happy Friday because it's my 5 year wedding anniversary with Grill Guy!!!  Though I'm sure you already knew that seeing as we've been posting about it all week - haha!  Well I fully appreciate all of you Gals indulging me in all of my anniversary nostalgia, and hope you don't mind just one more post in honor of the big 5!  So today my obsessions are a look back at my big day, with 5 of my favorite wedding memories!

1. My great big tent!
My dream come true!
I know I can't be the only one who became totally obsessed with tent weddings thanks to Father of the Bride, right?!  But my love didn't end there - I fell in love yet again when our favorite Sex and the City Gals headed to the Hamptons for a big, big, big tent wedding with Bobby and Bitsy!  So when GG's parents casually offered up their yard as our wedding locale, we quickly took them up on their offer and my tent wedding dreams became a reality!  And while my great big tent wedding was everything I dreamed of and more, one of my absolute favorite memories of the tent happened the night before the big day!
Pre-wedding and still so perfect!
We had just finished up the rehearsal dinner, and before heading to the hotel we decided to make a pitstop at GG's parents house and check out the tent.  The real reason was to check out the lighting situation (apparently our parents felt that it was too dark and we needed to add in some last minute lights so people could see their food?!) but having a sneak peek of the tent before it became my reception hall was such an amazing memory.  And of course B and I had an impromptu dance party to test out the dance floor and make sure it was ready for the big day!

2. The gift exchange
His face says it all...
I know what you're thinking - wow, one of M's favorite memories is the gift she received?!  While I did receive an amazing gift, this memory is more about the gift I gave GG.  Back when we were registering, he thought he'd be funny by adding a ridiculous, huge ceramic rooster to our registry.  Well when it came time to get him the perfect wedding day gift, I thought what better gift than the precious rooster he insisted on putting on the registry!  Yes I was being a little funny by giving him the rooster, but it was also a symbol of one of my very favorite things about our relationship - his funny, silly sense of humor and how we just have so much fun laughing together.  So while it's not your traditional wedding present (and I did feel a little guilty after receiving a diamond bracelet from him!) it represented us, and I still smile every time I look at the rooster!

3. Entering our reception
Ready to party!
For our entrance, we used the song "Wonderful Day" by O.A.R., and I'm assuming that unless you are a huge fan of O.A.R., you probably aren't familiar with the song (and if you aren't, I urge you to give a listen - such a good song!!).  But GG and I happen to be huuuuge O.A.R. fans, so this song was pretty much the most perfect song ever for us to walk in to.  It's a super upbeat, fun song that's basically about the best day of your life - sooo perfect, I know!  And I have a distinct memory of the opening chords of the song playing, right as we were about to enter and just feeling so much happiness and love and excitement.  It was such a perfect memory and to this day, whenever I hear the song I get a bit choked up remembering our own perfect, wonderful day!

4. The toasts

Wedding toasts tend to be hit or miss - either they are amazing or a complete flop.  Well I may be biased, but the toasts at my wedding were completely amazing!! And I was lucky enough to have 3!!  I know what you're thinking, why 3?!  Ever since I was in college, I had tormented Bridesmaid M with the fact that she must give the toast at my wedding.  Well luckily she made good on her word and gave such an amazing and personal toast that meant so much to both GG and I since she was there from the very start of our relationship.  Combine that with 2 heartfelt and funny toasts from B and our best man, brother GG, and you pretty much have the best wedding toast of all time!

5. The morning after
Our epic morning-after - and yes, I am holding a bottle of gin AND my wedding dress in that first pic..
Literally the second I woke up the morning after our wedding I turned to GG and giggled about how we were married and then I paused for about a second before I asked if I could call B and invite her up to our room so we could recount the whole day!  The phone call will live in history as one of my favorites of all time, and the gal'ing and brunching that followed was the perfect ending to an amazing wedding weekend.   A bunch of our bridal party convened in our room and we had a couple of post-wedding cocktails and then headed out to an impromptu brunch at Perkins.  It was so perfectly imperfect and while I'm sure the restaurant hated us, it was such a fun way to relive the night before with all of my closest gals and guys.

Thanks for allowing me to relive all of my wedding goodness, Gals!  It's been an amazing 5 years (well, actually 12 if you count the 7 before the wedding!) and I can't wait to celebrate this weekend with GG!!  And for all of you married Gals, what is your favorite wedding memory?!

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- M


  1. Happy Anniversary, M!!! That wedding and your recap are perfection :)

  2. Ahhh - I love tent weddings too. The past few weddings - & my next wedding, are all tent weddings. Nature - but safe from rain :)
    Love all your wedding pics :)

  3. Your reception tent looked amazing, and your whole wedding weekend sounds like it was so much fun!

  4. happy 5 year anniversary!! I love tent weddings and actually attended my first ever tent wedding this past March! Loved it!! Loving the morning after photos haha!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Ummmmm those pictures look amazing girl! Tent weddings are so gorgeous with all the pretty lights :-) Thanks so much for linking up!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your tent was fantastic. That's a great song, I had never heard it before so thanks for sharing!

  7. What an amazing post! Love all of these memories! The rooster story is hilarious! And your tent is amazing!

    <3, Pamela

  8. Happy anniversary!!! And omg that's too funny about the rooster! My husband added this ridiculous frog bath towel set to our registry (made for little kids) and his mom ended up getting it for him. It was the funniest thing at the bridal shower lol. Have a great weekend girl!!

  9. Happy anniversary! Five is a big one! I love that O.A.R. song, such a great choice!! Have a great weekend!


  10. Happy Anniversary! We are coming up on 5 years this month as well. I think one of my favorite memories is when after I had gotten my dress on and everything I really wanted a bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese. One of my bridesmaids threw a plastic garment bag over my dress warning me that I might get something on my dress. I laughed and told her no way, but not a minute later I dropped the bagel face down on myself! Thankfully it was the part covered in plastic!

  11. Such a gorgeous day!!! And I love the gift that you gave him... That's something I would do for my hubby :) :)}

  12. Happy (belated) Anniversary, M!! What a fantastic celebratory post! (:

  13. Such great memories & pics. Happy anniversary!


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