Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY Tulle Monster Centerpieces

We are absolute Halloween fanatics here at The Sequin Notebook, so get ready for lots of candy-filled, costume loving, crafty goodness in these last weeks leading up to the big day! Today I’m sharing a fun tutorial from Little M’s Monster Mash for DIY Tulle Monster Centerpieces.

While these particular centerpieces were used for a birthday party, these could easily work for a Halloween party or other fun Monster-type bash! And they couldn’t have been easier to make (I promise!) so novice crafters, don’t be scared off! 

I found all of the supplies at Jo-Ann and scored a great deal thanks to their friends and family they had back in September.  Luckily they're now having a similar promotion for 20% off of everything, including sale items!

Since I made 6 of these babies, I found that it worked best to do each step on all of them before moving onto the next. It also helps get you in a rhythm, especially when crafting with a good Bravo marathon on tv!

Step 1: Cover large Styrofoam balls in tulle ribbons

I’ll admit, this first step is definitely the most tedious, but once you get it out of the way, it’s total smooth sailing!

To start, I took my tulle and cut it up into smaller segments, so it was easier to work it. This is definitely not an exact science, but I’d say I cut off into ½ yard-1 yard segments.

Next, I folded the tulle back and forth in a line all around the ball, and then just continue inward, filling in until one half of the ball was completely covered

Note: You’ll be cutting up the ribbons in the next step, so don’t worry if it looks a little funny now!

After each loop, I’d secure the tulle with one of my flower pins. Again, don’t worry if you can see the pin for now, since we’re not done with the tulle yet!

Once you have the first half covered, repeat the process until only about ¼ of the ball is still exposed. I found that it wasn’t necessary to cover the entire ball since you don’t see the bottom ¼ once assembled, so save yourself the hassle!

Once complete your ball should resemble a bath poof!

Step 2: Snip apart those tulle ribbons!

Next, go through and make a cut through each loop of your tulle ribbon

Once complete, go back through and separate the tulle a bit and cover up any lingering “bald” spots

This takes your ball from bath poof to crazy monster face!

If you still see any bald spots, or just want to add a little extra fun, go through and insert single tulle ribbons in a contrasting color. I happened to find these amazing mini spools of glitter tulle at Joann, so I had fun glitzing my monster up a bit (of course!).

Step 3: Insert wooden dowel

On the bottom of your tulle ball, make a small insertion with your wooden doule, being careful not to go too far in

Next, add hot glue into the hole (don’t worry about the Styrofoam melting!) and quickly reinsert your stick into the hole

Hold in place for about a minute or so, allowing the hot glue to dry and set.

Once you can let go without the stick moving at all, set aside to allow for further drying (about 15 minutes is all that’s needed).

Step 4: Create monster eyeballs and mouths

Take your small round eyeballs and draw large circles with your glitter paint, and then fill in circle completely.

This takes a long time to dry (about 24 hours since you’re using a considerable amount of paint), so I recommend taking the eyeball prior to painting, and attach it to a Styrofoam block with one of your flower pins. This will allow you to create the eyes and let dry without having the ball roll around everywhere and make a huge mess!

Step 5: Create monster mouths

Take your felt sheets and cut out a U-shaped mouth for each centerpiece

Use your glitter puffy pain to draw on a smile and some teeth

Allow to fully dry (about an hour)

Step 6: Assemble to flower pot

Add weights to each flower pot to give your centerpiece stay power in the event of wind (trust me, I can vouch for this one from personal experience!) – I just used rocks from outside!

Insert your Styrofoam disc on top of the weights – don’t worry if it doesn’t fully sit flush with the top of your pot.. you’ll be covering this up in the end

Insert a hole in the center of the disc with your wooden dowel, and then cover hold with hot glue

Quickly insert your wooden dowel and monster head into the hot glue and hold until set and dry

Step 7: Attach eyes and mouth

Once fully dry, use your glue gun to attach eyes and mouths onto your monster tulle heads.

Feel free to vary the manner in which you attach to each head to give each monster their own personality

Step 8: Cover your flower pot

Take a 2 large pieces of your tulle (preferably in colors different than your monster head) and layer underneath the base of your flower pot

Gather and tie around your dowel at the top of the flower pot.

Gather the excess tulle and repeat the above step at the bottom of your monster head

And there you have it - super cute Tulle Monster Centerpieces.  They were definitely a hit at the party and I couldn't be more happy with how they turned out!

- M


  1. how cute!!! those would be so cute for kids.

  2. These are adorable!! totally sharing with my sister and it'll be a fun craft for her to do with the kids!

  3. This is too freaking adorable! How cool and so easy!

  4. Those are SO CUTE!!! I'm going to have to make some if I throw a Halloween party someday!!! :-)

  5. Those are adorable! I need to make some!

  6. Those are so super cute! I love it!

  7. These are absolutely wonderful! Great idea!


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