Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting to Know Us!

We've been seeing these introductory posts making the rounds in the blog world lately, and thought it would be fun to do our own as both a re-introduction and a way for our new readers to get to know us better! Read on for a little more insight into the worlds of B and M:

B / 31 / New York City
M / 32 / Central New Jersey

The Gals through the years

B: I'm a single gal, so my immediate family members are my mom, dad, and little brother (and of course, M is family too!).

M: My husband (whom you may have seen referred to as Grill Guy due to all the grilling he used to do on B’s patio when we still lived in NYC!), my one year old son, Logan (also now known as Big Boy M!), and my Havanese dog, Fred. As far as immediate family, I’m lucky to have both of my parents along with 3 sisters, 2 nieces and a nephew!

Clearly we're not working it in these pics, but these are way more fun!

B: By day, I'm an event planner and major gifts officer for an Off-Broadway theater.

M: My day job couldn’t be more different from all of the glitter, cocktails and nail polish I post about here on TSN, as I work in Financial Services in the mortgage department at a major retail bank.

So many galish hobbies, so little time

B: Blogging (obviously), crafting, dancing, reading, hosting parties

M: Blogging (double obvi!), anything creative, with paper crafting being my absolute favorite, making playlists (for B to dance to!), wine, mixing up cocktails and watching trashy reality tv

Love a good snack
B: WAY too many! I'm a bit of a soup freak since I eat it year-round, typically at least once a day. Like a good Italian girl, I can never resist pasta or pizza (though I'm trying to be better about limiting my portions).

M: I tend to go on kicks where I obsess over something for a couple weeks and could eat it every day, and then move onto something new when I inevitably get sick of current obsessions are roasted butternut squash (love to stick with the seasonal foods!), Wegmans frozen perogies (trust me on this one – sooo good!), and grilled pork chops with roasted apples.

Clearly we had MANY photos to chose from for this collage...
B: My typical go-to is a glass of wine (usually pinot grigio). For a mixed drink, I prefer a vodka base and a juice mixer (typically cranberry juice) but in the fall, I can never resist an apple cider martini!

M: I’m also a wine Gal, with pinot grigio being my go-to in the warmer months and malbec in the cooler months. For a mixed drink, if I’m at home, it’s without a doubt, the apple cider martini, but when I’m out, it’s usually something boring like vodka and club soda with a lemon or lime.

Always ready for a shopping spree
B: Ever since I moved to NYC, I've become much more of an online shopper - it's just so much easier! I like to scope out the deals on sale sites such as Rue La La and Gilt but I'm not exactly a shopping snob - I can usually find something anywhere!

M: I’m a total online shopper – you just can’t beat the deals you find online, especially when combined with Ebates! My go-tos are usually J.Crew/J.Crew Factory, Nordstroms and most recently Old Navy! Oh and for every day type of purchases, I’m all about Amazon, especially being a proud Amazon Prime subscriber – seriously, if a week goes by without a package getting delivered from Amazon, my mailman usually checks on me to make sure I’m ok!

Just a typical night - M snuggling with Baby M, and B in bed with Buble!
B: I'm definitely a morning person! I usually try to go to sleep by 11:30 (right after Watch What Happens Live, haha) and I wake up at around 6:30 on weekdays and "sleep in" until around 7:30 or 8 on weekends.

M: By nature I’m a night owl, but ever since Big Boy M arrived (well actually since I was pregnant and couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8!), I’ve become an early to bed, early to rise kind of Gal. Bedtime is usually around 10:30/11pm, and wakeup is around 6:30-7:00am. While I love having a productive morning, I still do miss my stay up all night ways and usually complain without fail every single night about how I hate going to bed!

Getting pretty for M's wedding
B: There are many products that I love, but I can't leave the house without eyeliner! Also, I think the world would be a much less fun place without glitter nail polish.

M: I’m a Jersey Girl so naturally I couldn’t live without my bronzer! Along with that I never leave the house without a tinted moisturizer and some blush – what can I say, the pale look just isn’t for me! My favorite bronzer combo (because clearly one is not enough!) is my Bobbi Brown shimmer brick pretty much all over my face, followed by a dab of my Nars The Multiple in Laguna on my cheeks.

Two BFF's trying to change the world, one sequin at a time!

We say our blog is a mix of "all things we love" which can mean anything from DIY projects to cocktail recipes to theme parties to our love of Michael Buble. As best friends, we tend to have similar obsessions and taste which makes it easy to share this little corner of blogland!

Our blog was definitely a long time in the making, as it’s something we talked about for years before we finally took the leap and launched. As BFF’s who have rarely lived in the same city for longer than a year or two (the longest being in high school!), we had kept a shared journal of sorts that basically documented every and anything going on in our lives, which we lovingly referred to as The Sequin Notebook, since it was just that.. a notebook covered in tons of sequins! After filling up the pages with countless lists, party plans, recipes and everything in between, we felt a sense of panic when we realized our precious notebook was down to its last couple of pages.
That gemmy beauty in the middle is our ACTUAL sequin notebook!
After searching high and low for a replacement, we couldn’t seem to find anything that came close to our original until it finally dawned us to turn our beloved notebook into the blog we’d been dreaming about for years! Suddenly all of the pieces pretty much fell together and we launched The Sequin Notebook in May of 2013! While we still miss being able to pass that sequiney gem back and forth, blogging has been so much more amazing than we ever imagined and we absolutely love the community of gals we’ve been able to meet and interact with. And as if we could get any closer, the blog has definitely added another facet to our friendship and often we are still amazed to discover new things about each other in our individual posts!

The Gals


  1. I absolutely loved this and getting to know you two ladies more!! Love your day jobs - so different from what you guys get to enjoy talking about via the blog!!!

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  7. This is great, I loved getting to know both of you a little more. I think it's so neat that you two run this blog together :)

  8. This is the cutest thing ever! I loved learning the story of your actual sequin-covered notebook. I have wondered where you got your title from! Thanks for sharing!

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    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  16. I really enjoyed reading about you both.
    I love that there is/was an actual sequin notebook. :)


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