Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Opening Lines: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Who gonna check me boo?! That's right, our favorite Southern Belles are back and I for one could not be more excited for this season. With a new season brings a whole slew of new tag lines!  As a side note, does anyone remember the early years when a housewife actually reused their tagline for multiple seasons?!  Well thank god they don't do that anymore because now we get to tear them apart with our favorite new season tradition of breaking them down and ranking our favorites and least favorites!

NENE: "Why be so nasty and so rude when I can be so fierce and so successful"

Oh Nene, glad to see your ego is finally in check this season… ha! But honestly I don't hate this line!  It's classic Nene, through and through. She's pulling her infamous line from the last reunion and putting her Nene sass on it. I could do without her pointing out for the millionth time how successful she thinks she is, but again, that's just Nene and I'd expect nothing less from her.

KANDI: "I'm not about the drama, don't start none don't be none"

Clearly this one is a nod to Kandi's crazy Momma Joyce, though I'm really not feeling it.  I hate how passive Kandi is with all of her mom's drama, and was hoping that they'd let it go this season now that Kandi and Todd are finally married.  But overall I'd expect more from the gal who brought us "I may be small, ohhhh" a couple seasons back!

CYNTHIA: "Life is about choices and I choose Cynthia"
Ok, I hate this one! It comes off like a dig to her marriage, though I'm pretty sure she meant it as a reference to the end of her friendship with Nene.  And if that's the case, it's so lame and the opposite of her choosing herself (what does that even mean?!).  But all in all, I'm not surprised since Cynthia's tag lines are always a huge snoozefest.

Phaedra: "When it comes to my family I'm the judge and the jury"
When I first heard this one, I hated it, but now that I've had a couple days, I actually really like it!  Phaedra is in a tough spot this season with all of the drama going down with Apollo, and I feel like this is her way of saying that her kids come first, no matter what, and she doesn't care what anyone else thinks.  Also, I'm glad that she finally ditched the southern belle line after 3 seasons of including it!

KENYA: "People get exhausted trying to figure me and I just let them"
And we close things out with our gone with the wind fabulous Kenya and I have to say, I really was expecting more from her!  This is basically just a regurgitated version of last season's line, which wasn't that good to begin with! Every season needs a super crazy, ridiculous tagline (a la Sonya Morgan's commando line!) and clearly Kenya should be the gal to give it from Atlanta.  Apparently this is supposed to be Kenya's redemption season, whatever that means, but sorry girl, this gets a thumbs down from me!

Sadly, Porsha is out this season as an official housewife, so no tagline for her, and they have not yet introduced the newest gal, Claudia, so we don't have her tagline yet.  Once she does get introduced, I'll be sure to update this post and include it.  Overall, though, not impressed ladies!  I was expecting more from this group, but hopefully the season will still be as dramatic as the previews indicate.

Bye Ashy!

- M

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  1. For some reason the ATL housewives are the only one I don’t watch... Nene’s line is probably my favorite!

  2. I've never seen any of the real Housewives but maybe I should give this season a go! I am sure it would suck me in!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Who gonna check me boo? I missed the premier. Love Atlanta.

  4. I NEVER understand most of the tag lines. I still have "Namaste Bitches" stuck in my head from NJ :) haha

  5. I like Nene's tagline this year and I really dont watch the ATL one until the reunion...I dont know why!! Kenya is the worst though...woe is me is how she is LOL

  6. I only watch RHONJ....I'm sure I'd be hooked if I gave the others a try, haha! Enjoy, Gals!

  7. I started watching on and off a few years ago. This show is real drama - people dying, going to jail, fighting on screen. It's ridiculous but fun.

  8. Ever since Kim and all her crazy left I haven't watched RHOA (it doesn't help our damn cable package doesn't include Bravo though!).

  9. i;ve met them all, either out and about or through blog stuff, and cynthia is stunning in person. not a wrinkle on her. i was in awe of her beauty, as silly as that sounds. nene is TALL. i live near sheree (she was on the first season or two)

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