Monday, December 8, 2014

Men's Holiday Gift Guide: "A Touch of Gay for Your Bae" {Guest Post}

Let's face it - when it comes to shopping for the ladies on my holiday gift list, I'm usually overflowing with fun ideas (and also discovering new items to add to my own personal wish list!). Even in a pinch, I can usually select some kind of fun accessory or beauty product with very little difficulty. However, I can get pretty stumped when it's time to find the perfect gifts for the special men in my life, so I decided to consult one of these guys to find out what men REALLY want this holiday season.

Meet J:

J is one of my very best friends, and probably a familiar face to our regular readers since he has made a few previous blog cameos. He is chic and stylish (which I take full advantage of by putting him to work as my Plus One at many events), and he always has his finger on the pulse of pop culture and the latest trends. To throw things back to early 00's terms, he is the queer eye that every straight guy needs!

J + B = best wedding dates ever!
Men's Holiday Gift Guide: "A Touch of Gay for Your Bae"
Hello Sequin Notebook-ers - J here, and I’ve been asked by the gals to lend some gift giving tips from a male perspective. Shopping for your significant other during the Christmas season can be overwhelming, and often lead to settling on gift cards, DVDs or safe, personality-less clothing items. But why not surprise your partner in crime with something a little more outside of the box? Us guys can be lost, lost creatures when it comes to elevating our appearance or quality of life, so I’ve curated a couple more creative options here to help assist you in the journey towards a happier and hotter bae on this holiday.

For The Man Cave
Every guy needs a place where he can chill out and hang with the boys. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t have space for a pool table nor do you want to frat up your home with a folding ping pong table that doubles as a coat rack. A dartboard by Fredericks & Mae is a cool gift to give to your man that says, "I respect your needs to bro it out" while not clashing with the interior design aesthetic you worked hard to piece together through multiple Pinterest posts. Fredericks & Mae also has a neat variety of small and large darts to purchase with your board.

For The Metrosexual - Part One
Neck ties are like the Pumpkin Spice Latte of the tie community — basic. Enter the bow tie. Nothing is cooler than rocking a bow tie that you’ve tied yourself. Sure, it may take a little encouraging, but if your boo doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie yet, the selection over at The Tie Bar will certainly inspire him to update his neck apparel game. I’m obsessed with the Jesse Tyler Ferguson line which features a variety of colors and patterns that do NOT break the bank. Plus - proceeds of every purchase goes towards marriage equality organizations.

For The Metrosexual - Part Two
Male accessories are the hardest thing to find, because I feel you really need to connect with them in order to pull them off. I always say, “I can’t just wear some mass produced braided faux leather bracelet from American Eagle, I want it to feel one of a kind.” As I continue on my own personal journey for pieces, I’ve stumbled upon this excellent Etsy store, WeAreAllSmith. From chain, bead to paracord, this designer has managed to make pieces that look personalized, rugged, and sexy. Look at your loved one’s wardrobe, get a sense for his style and go on a whim to grab something you think he would look great in and would play up his qualities. Jewelry doesn’t always have to be just for the ladies.

For The Outdoors Dude 
Not gonna lie, I love this gift idea because I HATE going out camping or to the beach and having to be the one to carry the typical heavy boxy shaped cooler. Yes, you may be thinking - “Well J, if you’re going camping, why are you being so…” in which case I will shush you before you finish. No one likes carrying that cooler. No one. So this YETI Hopper Bag is perfect for the job. It’s portable, indestructible, kinda cute, and not impossible to carry. Throw in a six pack of his favorite pale ale, and you’ve just earned yourself some solid cool chick points.

For The Music Lover
This holiday season, you - YOU - have the power to make an epidemic stop. Whatever you decide to get your man this Christmas, do NOT encourage and give in to the supremely trendy, but over-priced and fast food quality’d BEATS by Dre Headphones. Yes - these suckers look cool, but the quality is just downright tragic. It’s so sad that people everywhere are now degrading their ears and not hearing all the sweet, sweet textures of Taylor Swift’s 1989 in full frequency response. I personally love in-ears, but if you think he’s wanting some classic on-ear styled headphones, check out the Onkyo ES-HF300. They are still luxury brand priced, but you get a much bigger and more detailed bang for your buck. Plus they still look pretty nifty.

For Any Bae
Finally, for any of your baes — girlfriend, boyfriend, gayfriend — considering gifting them with the new album Young Kind of Love from award winning songwriter Joey Contreras. Which also just so happens to be me! That’s right I’m coming after that #freepromo. But in all honesty, if you’re a fan of pop music or contemporary musical theatre, this album has a little bit of it all and features collaborations with some of the hottest new talent out there. It’s also the cheapest item on this list.

Well friends, that’s the advice I have for you today. Hope it’s broadened some horizons and focused some of your gift giving journeys! Until next time…

X HO X HO X HO (get it?)

P.S. Don't forget to enter the gals' Vigoss giveaway (ends at 11:59 p.m. EST TONIGHT!) and their Elizabeth Arden giveaway!

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  1. Love that dart board! So fun! And if I could get my man to wear a bow tie I'd definitely be getting him one from the Jesse Tyler Ferguson line, so awesome!

    <3, Pamela

  2. This post is all sorts of fabulous!! if we had any extra space I'd totally get that dart board! I'm definitely going to check out your album - so fun!!

  3. That dart board is fantastic!!

  4. Absolutely LOVING all this stuff!! With 2 fab guys in my life to shop for, I'm always in need of inspiration! I'm def checking out jewelry is for everyone, not just the gals :)

  5. I had no idea yeti made portable coolers! Good call.


  7. I really want a gay BFF I have almost fully recruited my one guy friend but I think I scare him sometimes hahahaha great list!!!

  8. some good ideas here, thankfully i'm already done with my shopping!

  9. I like the ideas here! If my husband didn't already have like 9586 pairs of headphones...I would look in to these....

  10. I'm a little in love with J.
    I have been breaking my damn skull trying to think of gifts for Anthony (who has EVERYTHING) so this is an awesome starting point.. I'm kind of obsessed with that cooler. Everything is so unique - great list! (And great title of this post).

  11. Jay is offing adorable and I love the guest post with gift ideas! Keep up the great (per usual) work, ladies ;)

  12. aw so cute. love this!

  13. i think this is the best title i've ever seen for aholiday gift guide!

  14. Love that dart board!!

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