Friday, November 28, 2014

Five on Friday {November 28, 2014)

Happy Black Friday! Who is braving the stores today? I'm spending most of the day at home with my family, then going out for some much-needed highlights before heading over to M's for the night.

Let's jump into the five things I'm loving this week!

ONE | Thanksgiving

Obviously this had to top the list! I had a wonderful day with my family and hope you did too. I whipped up some quick place settings using decorative gourds and supplies I had left behind from my Neon BBQ...

...and then it was time for lots of good eating! I was too busy stuffing my face to take many food pictures, but I did capture one of my favorite appetizers, the pasta fagioli soup...

...and the dessert I look forward to all year. My Dad's creamy, perfectly smooth, and incredibly delicious pumpkin cheesecake!

TWO | Favorite clothing purchase
Image source
My favorite recent clothing purchase has got to be this Buy Me Brunch t-shirt - I mean, I founded a Brunch Club and we recently organized our little blogger brunch, so this literally could not be more perfect! You can buy yours here. I was so excited to wear it to our November Brunch Club outing, so imagine my surprise when I walked over to our table and was greeted by my friend Steve:

What can I say, we both have excellent taste!

THREE | Will you be my bridesmaid?

I couldn't have been more excited to see this sweet card from my friend Sarah in my mailbox - can't wait to start bouncing ideas around for the bridal shower and bachelorette party!

FOUR | Holiday card photo shoot

In addition to needing some holiday gal time, I'm heading over to M's tonight so we can prep for tomorrow morning's blog holiday card photo shoot! If you signed up for our holiday card swap, you'll be receiving this special card in the mail along with one from your swap partner. We have lots of fantastic sponsors providing wonderful items for this photo shoot, and we can't wait to share it with you!

FIVE | NYC Office View   

While I'm thankful to have an extra day off since our office is closed today, I'm also grateful to work in an industry that I love and it's a bonus that my office has a rooftop that looks out over the heart of NYC - not a bad view, right?

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and that you're enjoying this holiday weekend!


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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from The Sequin Notebook!

We wish you a very happy, peaceful, and heartwarming Thanksgiving! We're thankful for many things today, including our Sequin Notebook community - thank you to all of our readers, we're so grateful for you and hope you're enjoying this special day with your loved ones!

B & M

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Opening Lines: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It's that time again...another season of Real Housewives means another chance for us to analyze the newest taglines! After the lackluster showing from Atlanta, this batch was overall more in alignment with the soapy goodness that we've come to expect from our housewives. Let's explore these new lines together, shall we?

Lisa V: "Throw me to the wolves and I shall return, leading the pack."
M: I love, love, love this line! I’m glad to see Lisa is back and better than ever after her downfall last season.  She’s here to send a message with this tagline and just based on the very first episode, it’s working! She’s not one to be messed with, so I’m glad she’s back to lead the pack this season!

Lisa R.: "You've heard a lot about me but it's only true when it comes from my lips!"
B: I was so excited when I heard that Lisa Rinna was joining the cast! She's been hanging around the Bravo Clubhouse for years so it was only a matter of time before she finagled her way onto this show (with Harry Hamlin by her side, naturally). I love this tagline because obviously she is known for her lips and is using her intro as a wink to the camera - she knows that she is here to play a cartoon version of herself so she might as well call attention to her most infamous asset right off the bat!

Eileen: "I'm not a bitch but I've played one on TV."
M: I admit, I’d never heard of Eileen before seeing her on the first episode, and while we didn’t see much of her, I already like her based on this tagline!  I think it’s hilarious and it almost makes me want to hunt down something she’s been in (though not quite..haha!).  I’m excited to see what she’s going to bring to the table this season, but as a rookie housewife, I say well done with your first ever tagline, Eileen!

Yolanda: "Character isn't what you have - it's who you are."
B: This line is a bit of a snoozefest for me, but it's also classic Yolanda. Our favorite lemon-lover is all about dignity and true class, so I'm not surprised that she used her tagline to emphasize the importance of character. However, I'd like to see her spice it up and come up with something a little more fun next time - step out of your comfort zone, Yo!

Kyle: "Planes and yachts are nice, but happiness starts at home."
M: Just when I was starting to think that maybe I should give Kyle a chance, she comes out with this tagline! Sorry, girl, but not. a. fan.  In my opinion one of the things that bothers me so much about Kyle is the way she tries to come across as this model family of perfection.  I get you love your family, but it just reads as fakety fake to me, and this tagline certainly isn’t helping the situation!  And funny that she comes out with this tagline and then immediately proceeds to throw “the party of the year,” in which clearly no expense was spared!

Brandi: "I'd rather spend my life kicking ass than kissing it."
B: It just wouldn't be a Brandi line if it wasn't the most brash one of the bunch! Our gal Brandi is scrappy, and definitely not a suck up. Sure, she sticks her foot in her mouth sometimes but her honesty is refreshing, and this tagline reflects her "what you see is what you get" attitude - I approve!

Kim: "I've been rich and I've been famous, but happiness beats them both." 
M: I’m feeling kind of meh about this one.  I’m happy that our kooky Kim is happy, but where is some of the crazy Kim spunk that we all know and love?!  And I wonder if Kim and Kyle planned to both school us on happiness with their taglines?! It’s kind of strange, now that I think about it! I do love Kim, and this tagline is fine, I guess, so I’ll give her a pass, but it’s certainly not making any top 10 lists of mine!

So what do you think of this newest crop of taglines? Which ones are your winners and your least favorites?

B & M

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Eve

We're super excited to spend Thanksgiving with our families but before we start digging into the turkey, we'll be kicking the festivities off early by spending Thanksgiving Eve with our second family - our best friends.

The night before Thanksgiving is a fantastic opportunity to catch up with old friends, since everyone is back in town at the same time.

Evite has come up with some wonderful ideas about how to make the most of your Thanksgiving Eve. Our favorite way to spend this night is throwing a casual gathering to trade stories and catch up on each other's lives while sharing some tasty seasonal beverages, like Strongbow cider.

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for and spending time with the special people in your life, so we're more than happy to start spreading the holiday cheer a little early on Wednesday night!

Check out Evite's tips for Thanksgiving Eve for more fun ideas about what to do tomorrow night!

{Image source}
What are your plans for Thanksgiving Eve?

B & M

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Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Rustic Wine Bottle Wrap

A bottle of wine is always a thoughtful host gift, and I sometimes like to jazz up the presentation when I'm bringing wine to someone's house. This rustic wine bottle wrap is a simple DIY project that will wow your Thanksgiving host! All you need to get started are a new dish towel, some raffia, a few straight pins, wax paper, and of course, the wine bottle.

Lay the bottle out in the middle of the dish towel, leaving a few inches at the bottom.

Roll the bottle up tightly in the dish towel.

Secure the edge with the straight pins.

Fold up the bottom of the towel, and secure with pins.

Fold the top of the towel down around the neck of the wine bottle, and secure with the raffia.

Tie a pretty bow with your raffia!

Now, it's time to make your flower - cut several squares of wax paper and stack them.

Fold the paper accordion-style, into pleats.

Pinch the middle of the accordion, and secure with a raffia strand or a twist-tie.

Fan out the accordion pleats on both sides.

Slowly peel each sheet towards the center, and continue fluffing them out until your flower is created.

Secure the flower to the raffia bow and fluff out the petals and strands. And that's it! A quick and easy way to wrap your wine bottle! I've used this technique for dinner parties, bridal showers, and more, and would love to receive it on Thanksgiving!

What's your favorite Thanksgiving host gift?

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Firmoo glasses review

We love a good accessory, so even though neither of us require prescription lenses, that doesn't mean that we can't appreciate a good pair of glasses!

When Firmoo contacted us to try their frames, we were super excited to give this new accessory a go.

There were tons of options to choose from, but we eventually settled on big, gray, hipster frames for B, and thick, black, square frames for M. When they arrived, we were immediately impressed with the high quality of the frames, as well as Firmoo's presentation of including hard, protective cases and lens cleaning wipes.

Serious glasses, serious face
I was so happy with my new Firmoos! While it won't be an every day accessory for me, I would definitely rock these with a more casual, laid back look. I've also been throwing them on to grab coffee in the mornings before I've had a chance to get fully dressed (the big glasses disguise my lack of makeup, haha!). They also make me feel more serious, so I'm actually wearing them right now to blog. I also anticipate wearing them at work to present at a board meeting - sometimes people don't take me seriously when they first meet me because of my height, so I think the Firmoos will  give me an extra boost of professionalism. All in all, these are a fun addition to my accessories closet!


I was so excited to try out my new accessory and the second I put them on, I felt like I had a whole new look. When I stepped out of the bedroom and showed Grill Guy to see if he'd notice that I looked different, he immediately questioned the glasses and then with a big smile, said how much he liked them! I was a little surprised that he was so enthusiastic, but it helped me feel more confident that I could totally rock this new look. I wore them to work that day and I agree with B that I felt like people took me more seriously and overall, I felt more polished with them.

What do you think of our new accessories? Would you wear clear lens glasses?

And don't forget, our Walmart gift card giveaway ends on Tuesday morning!

B & M

Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday: {November 21, 2014}

Happy Friday Gals! Another week down, and now we are officially less than a week away from Thanksgiving!  I absolutely love Thanksgiving and everything that goes along with it, so today I’m devoting my five favorites of the week to all things Thanksgiving!  Hope you have a fab weekend ahead and are as excited for Turkey Day as I am!

1| Favorite Recipes

I think we can all agree that the sides are the very best part of the Thanksgiving meal, so these incredible recipes have me salivating just looking at them! I can't wait to indulge in plenty of stuffing and squash this year!

2| Favorite Wine Pick

Another reason I love Thanksgiving – it’s not only completely acceptable to break out the wine at like noon, it’s practically a requirement (or is that just at my family’s table?!)  My favorite pick is Casal Garcia Vinho Verde.  It has a slight fizz to it that can be best described as effervescent, along with being super crisp, light and refreshing, and a lower alcohol content – basically the perfect starter for a day filled of indulging!  Oh, and in case you aren’t completely sold, it’s only $5.99 a bottle! 

3| Favorite Outfit Choices
Thanksgiving outfit

I love getting dressed up for holiday, but since Thanksgiving is all about the food, I like going with a more comfortable choices, and jazzing up with fun accessories!  This Thanksgiving, I have my eye on a luxurious silk tunic, with a furry vest, and paired with tuxedo leggings, gold flats, and a fun necklace and leopard clutch.

4| Favorite Song Selection
It’s been a while since I’ve shared my mixy picks with everyone, but having good dinner music is must in my book for Thanksgiving!  We keep it low, so everyone can enjoy good conversation around the dinner table, but great music just helps to enhance the mood.  For me, it’s all about the mellower, more soulful picks, with a healthy smattering of some Christmas music, since the season officially starts the next day!  My must play picks for this year include some Sam Smith, Ellie Golding, Michael Buble (including his Christmas album - duh!), One Republic, Jason Mraz, Van Morrison, and Elton John.  Does anyone else factor in music to their Thanksgiving planning?

5| Favorite Tablescape
Tablescape, courtesy of Z Gallerie
This year we are not hosting, which just means that I’m able to design my dream table in my head, which is perfect since it’s much cheaper that way!  If I was hosting, I'd love to do a gold and silver sparkle table, with glitzy pumpkin accents.  I love the golden wine goblets, and the touch of glitz from the chargers. 

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