Friday, January 2, 2015

Five on Friday: {January 2, 2015}

Happy Friday Gals and Happy 2015! It felt so weird just writing out the new year in this post title - I can't believe the holidays have now come and gone and we are upon a new year already! As usual, we're sharing our five favorites of the week, and I'm thrilled to kick off our very first of the year.  Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and thank god we have another short week and are already at the weekend!
Kicking things off with some prosecco

Gal's Christmas | If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen that we were able to celebrate our annual Gals Christmas on Tuesday night! We started a new tradition last year, and decided to gift each other 10 items from one of our very favorite stores, The Dollar Tree.

As usual, the gifts did not disappoint, and amazingly, there were no duplicate gifts given between us - though I guess it shouldn't be too shocking since there really is sooo much to chose from at The Dollar Tree!
Can you believe this whole table of presents only cost $20?!

Hey Wig!

Cinderella | And speaking of Gal's Christmas, we were able to combine it with another monumental event - we went to see Cinderella on Broadway, starring none other than NeNe Leakes from RHoA.  It was quite an experience and let me just tell you that NeNe was everything you'd expect she'd be and more! We hung around after the show to try and snag ourselves a picture, but sadly Ms. Leakes was in high demand and we weren't able to get one before she hurried off to her car that was waiting for her.  Though we were lucky enough to meet her husband Greg, who was dutifully waiting for her at the stage door!

This was obviously after some wine (and yes, those glasses are from Dollar Tree also!)
NYE | Being a parent to a one year old, we had a pretty low key New Year's Eve and stayed in for the night.  But just because we stayed in doesn't mean we didn't still make it special, and once Little M went to bed, we cooked a fancy four course dinner that lasted almost until midnight, along with some delicious wine pairings, of course!
Our delicious four course dinner
We started off with a herbed goat cheese crostini with fig and pancetta, then had a caprese salad, and followed that with some homemade lobster ravioli, and then finished with a skirt steak and garlic spinach - quite the meal, right?! We kept the portions on the small side and did space them out, but it was definitely an indulgent night for us! Then we watched the ball drop, and passed out soon after thanks to full stomachs and 2 empty bottles of wine.

My handsome little guy ready to celebrate the New Year!
New Year's Day | Every New Years Day, my in-laws host a big family party, so we spent yesterday indulging one more time with great food, drinks and company before finally putting the holiday season behind us.  It's funny how parenthood changes you - in the past, GG and I would be moving pretty slow on New Years Day and it was always tough to get our act together for this party.  This year, we were up at 7 and one of the first ones there!

Bye Rex, thanks for the good years!
Goodbye Rex Ryan | This last one isn't the typical fare you usually see here at The Sequin Notebook, but we happen to be huge Jets fans in the M household.  This past Sunday was their last game of the season, and soon after the news broke that they had fired head coach, Rex Ryan.  Despite their AWFUL season (well seasons, if we're being honest), GG and Little M still had to give Rex a proper send off, and remember the good years.  I crack up at this picture because Little M looks so intense with his little hat tip!

How was everyone's New Years?! And more importantly, what do you have coming up for your first weekend of 2015?

Thanks to our gals AmandaJennieKarliClare, Rebecca, Katie, Natasha, Heather, and Lauren for hosting today's link-ups!


  1. Your annual girls Christmas sounds like so much fun! Prosecco is always a good idea! Seriously, your NYE dinner looks amazing! I think you need to post the recipes for that! Especially the goat cheese crostini... yum!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. I love the idea of doing gifts from the Dollar Tree. I never really take the time to look around there but it sounds like I need to! And oh my goodness, that meal looks like something at a fancy restaurant! Sounds so yummy!

  3. Such a fun-filled, yummy week!! And those pics of Little M!!!! Can't take the cuteness :)

  4. Love your annual christmas gifts!! I so love the dollar store!! Love love Prosecco too!! Happy New Year Ladies!!

  5. Love the idea of your gals' Christmas from the Dollar Tree! Makes it fun and easy. You guys definitely had a more eventful NYE than us, but we did see a movie, which we hadn't done since Juliet had been born! :) Hope your new year is going well!

    Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

  6. That NYE meal looks delicious!! Happy New Year!

  7. Your NYE spread looks DELISH! And love your annual gal's Christmas, what a fabulous idea :)

  8. Oh my goodness! Your New Year's feast looks to die for! Yum!
    Happy New Year

  9. I can't even handle how precious your son is! Like, the absolute cutest.
    I also LOVE your new Christmas tradition of Dollar Tree gifts, and that you saw Ms. Leakes on Broadway! I've been obsessing over your Insta pictures from the holidays, you two are the cutest! xo

  10. love the dollar tree gifts, such a cute idea :)
    oh how was Cinderella?! I wanted to see it. Sucks you guys didn't get to meet NeNe!

  11. What a great idea for the Christmas gifts! I might start doing that for the MIL!
    -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  12. The annual Gals Christmas sounds like so much fun, what a great idea!

  13. Looks like a very fun holiday! Happy New Year!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  14. The Gals Christmas gifts idea sounds so fun! Happy New Year!

  15. The Gals Christmas is such a cute idea! So fun!

    And those NYE glasses? Epic!!!! Have a great weekend!

  16. Looks like you had a total blast over the holidays!! Thank you for sharing these photos, enjoyed reading your post :)

    Found you in one of the fashion blogs I frequent and thought I'd give you a visit. Would you like to connect via GFC or other social networks? Let me know if that is something that is of interest to you :)


  17. That babaayyyy is soooo cute! I can't handle it! Also, M, I miss your face. No more missing dates ok?

  18. I LOVE the Dollar Store! You can literally go nuts shopping in there and only spend like, $20. Love your low key New Year's Eve too! I'm with Pamela! Please post recipes! xo

  19. Love, love, love those gift selections.

  20. Nene is hilarious! I would have love to have seen her show! Such a fun idea for the gift exchange and delicious food pairings with your wine!

  21. I love this list! Happy Weekend!
    Melanie @

  22. I just bet Nene was good in that play. I heard the play was wonderful but never got a chance to see it myself. Great photos

  23. What a great NYE!! Nene is hilarious iD to see her in the play!!

  24. What a fun idea for your Girls Christmas! This reminds me of when I was little. My papaw would take me to the dollar store and give me $5 to spend every weekend. I always looked forward to it and always found some great stuff!



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