Thursday, January 8, 2015

Party Favors

The holidays may be behind us (and trust me, we're still in denial about that) but that doesn't mean the festivities have to be over - in fact, now is the perfect time to host a game night, a post-holiday hangover party, or a cozy dinner party since many people are in a winter slump (especially in the Northeast!) and looking for fun items to fill their calendars.

If you've read any of our previous party posts, you know that we are huge suckers for carrying a theme through every last detail of a party. One of our favorite ways to make a big impression with a small detail is by gifting a thoughtful favor to each attendee - it's a sweet way to thank your guests for taking the time to attend your event, and it also helps make a great lasting impression of your party! Here are some of our favorite favors from our past parties:

* Mini wine bottles: Clearly, this one is a big crowd-pleaser...who wouldn't want a cute little travel-size bottle of wine?

* Seasonal hand sanitizer: These were a fun surprise at one of our Halloween parties...simply buy a bunch of hand sanitizers in seasonal scents, and tie on a printable tag to complete the theme. This is definitely a handy item, especially for all of our NYC guests who ride the germy subway every day!

* Nail polish: We can all use another bottle of nail polish, right? It's an easy way to carry your party's color theme down to the smallest detail!

* Hangover kit: For the 10th anniversary of B's 21st birthday, we had a feeling that our guests may need a little help recovering the next morning since many of us are now in our thirties! A cute "hangover kit" consisting of Tylenol, breath mints, cough drops, and a Band-Aid was the perfect fix to put people on the road to recovery.

* Bath and body products: This is a pretty typical favor, and for good reason - it's always fun to try out new bath and body products!

* Homemade liquor: Put a personal touch on your favors by mixing and bottling one of your favorite creations! We distributed our homemade Irish Cream liquor at a holiday movie viewing party so that everyone could take home a little taste of Christmas.

* Personalized mugs: Show off your artistic side by creating a personalized mug for each of your guests - all you need are Sharpie paint pens and a set of plain mugs, and you're all set! Bonus points for filling the mugs with some candy or a special hot cocoa mix.

* Candy: When all else fails, you really can't go wrong with providing a sweet treat! We tied candy favors into the retro theme of B's "13 Going on 30" birthday party by filling cassette tape chocolate molds with candy melts in the party colors of yellow and pink.

What's the best party favor you've ever given or received?


  1. Do you remember going to parties as a kid and then always getting party favors, seriously one of the best parts LOL! I'm having a few people over this weekend and you just gave me a few ideas!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Such cute, thoughtful ideas! I always enjoy getting a mini bottle of something to drink, but would be thrilled with your homemade version :)

  3. Oh gosh... party favors... more pressure. I guess that's why I an anxiety of hosting things :)
    Love the ideas though.

  4. These are so cute! I love the idea, and it's always so fun to have a little goodie from the party!

  5. Love this, I want to focus more on details this year and this is a great one :) I love the personalized mugs, I want to do a few of those for gifts even throughout the year!

  6. Such cute ideas! Everyone likes party favors.

  7. Love these ideas! And I definitely think it's time to host a game night :-D

  8. these are all such good ideas! i've never done party favours before, now i know what to do ;)

  9. Y'all always have the cutest ideas, especially for gifts! I still want the liquor btw ;)

  10. Awesome ideas for party favours!

  11. I love giving hand sanitizers! For Ethan's birthday party I gave the adult guests $5 Starbucks gift cards and a small bag of personalized M&M's that we had made. They loved them! Super cute ideas :)

  12. Little wine bottles really are the perfect part favors. I sat my little bottle on my bookshelf as soon as I got home and smile at it every time I see it. Also, love that you call it "the 10th anniversary of B's 21st". Hi-larious. I'm stealing!

  13. Great ideas for party favours!

  14. Such a cute idea ladies!
    I really like the idea of making your own liquor and giving it as a gift. Why does the party have to stop when the guests leave? :)


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